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  1. ticket purchased. i may or may not actually go, but i don't mind buying a ticket either way.
  2. i think i'm in love with this song. the last two albums didn't do much for me, and i haven't really listened much to matt since i went off on an all things greg dulli tangent, but this has my attention. also. wow. the bored's still here.
  3. that's a solid pass for me. no time for OLP and, honestly, i can't see ever surpassing being front row at the Rebecca Cohn in Halifax when he was touring Arrows. Garden of Knives standing right in front of Jimmy Reid with Matt directly to the right was the best it's gonna get for me.
  4. i like this album way more than Chaotic Neutral. why? couldn't tell ya. i'll be keeping an eye out for the tour. i want to here these songs live, and i may drag my butt to a dive bar to see him play them if i have to (please please please fingers crossed for a proper venue this time around).
  5. i have to admit that his tweet about doing the whole album has made me consider maybe going.
  6. playing the shitty marquee ballroom in halifax again. sadly, i'll pass on this one. count yourself lucky if you get to see him in a good venue. edit: doubly sad, as i'd love to hear born to kill live.
  7. necroed: so, i ended up going to the vip soundcheck for the show on this tour in my town and then not going to the show itself. they were good in soundcheck, but pre-soundcheck we were told by the handler that they actually couldn't let us in early to the show for whatever reason (laws or fire codes er something), and i also really really didn't want to see the opener, and i kinda realized that i just don't want to watch matthew good play in a shitty bar ever again, after seeing him play a really great venue on the last tour (arrows of desire). the stage at the marquee is awful. stu was complaining during the soundcheck that he'd be smashing his guitar off of the stupid post he had to stand next to (also, i miss jimmy reid. nothing against stu. i just like jimmy more). i don't like crowds of drunks, and i read in a review the next day what i assumed would happen anyway: that there was a lot of noise during his quieter songs. anyway, in the future, i won't be so quick to immediately buy a vip ticket as soon as they're on sale, just cuz i'm a huge fan. i've gotten older and gruffer, and will now carefully consider the venue first.
  8. i have "and we dance, and we sing, and we're all monkeys in a long line" tattooed on my arm, around a hand putting a flower in the barrel of a gun.
  9. ha. justin bieber is exactly who i thought of when i saw him, but i couldn't name one bieber song tbh, it was just his look and age i guess (profiling :o ). and locally, the show's in a bar, so 19+. what do i know...maybe the college kids are into this stuff. whatever. i'll be there for the main event.
  10. as someone who's been to 5 shows so far (not even close to what some of the people who come here have been to, i'm sure) i'm totally cool with set lists being dominated by new material. i do wish the old songs he played weren't the hits, and, instead, a few new old songs every tour that never see the light of day and deserve it, but i get that he's got to appeal to people who 'like that song off the radio from way back' or whatever. also...that opener. i just watched bungalow on youtube, and this is the first time i'll be going late to an mg show to miss the opener. i dunno...maybe he appeals to a younger crowd?
  11. i'm totally fine with this. a photo and autograph don't really mean anything. i just want moar music.
  12. been playing early access to armored warfare, which finishes up this weekend. open beta in (hopefully) a couple weeks.
  13. just quit reading last exit to brooklyn when i was almost done, because i thought it was shit, no matter what hubert selby's rep as a writer is. now half way through the bat by jo nesbo. s'alright. salman rushdie's new book is next in queue.
  14. i have a milk crate full of vinyl i never listen to (including vancouver, loes, and arrows of desire), so i've decided not to buy any more unless it's pretty special. avalanche is pretty special.
  15. i could tell from the one pic good linked on twitter from the 'secret show' that it wasn't milos on bass. couldn't make out the guitar player but was sure it wasn't jimmy. oh well. stu's toured with him a couple times anyway. i didn't see anthony in the back on keys either, so no keys. or set up on the other side. or no keys for the secret show.
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