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  1. lokee

    New Single

    Fought To Fight It
  2. Very brief " I'm out for a few weeks. Best mg " Just curious if he is taking time off the tour OR just from blogging. Thoughts anyone ?
  3. PM's are great aren't they ?
  4. please PM with a link I would love to hear it. Thanks
  5. If anyone has bad pennies I will gladly do a swap for this one The Vancouver National Anthem. Please pm with link and i will do the same back.
  6. lokee

    Bad Pennies

    please sendm e the demo thanks
  7. Hospital Music: The Boy Come Home WLRRR: Expats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra Avalanche: 21st Century Living Audio of Being: Tripoli Loser Anthems: The Fine Art Of Falling Apart Beautiful Midnight: Jenni
  8. lokee


    i do iam always missing them gee
  9. lokee

    New Song

    Please PM me the link Thanks
  10. Does anyone know who will be the "Special Guests" on the tour ?
  11. Does anyone else want to see Matt put out a live album ? I would rather it be FULL ON with a band and not accoustic. I think to capture the REAL Matthew Good would be to put out a live album. I wonder if he has even pondered it ? Just a thought as iam listening to a few live boots. The Kingston 05 show on GIANT when he sings "Its the future that is whoring" wholy fucking god AMAZING vocals. ~~ends rant~~
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