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  1. Nick Cave - Long Black Veil almost as good as Johnny Cash Tea Party - The Messenger is better that the Daniel Lanois version
  2. Against Me - New Wave Bad Religion - New Maps of Hell Bikini Kill - Pussy Whipped
  3. Sleater-Kinney http://www.sleater-kinney.com/ great female punk rock Bikini Kill is also really good The Gossip And The Evens are good too Ian MacKaye (Fugazi)is my hero
  4. Yeah it did, they were playing a show the next night with another similar band that I can't think of the name right now but it could have been See Spot Run.
  5. this has been said already but Greg the Bunny mmmm Sarah Silverman
  6. Serial Joe came into the movie theater where I worked and tried to get into a R rated movie. They got carded and were too young and said to the girl at the counter "We're Serial Joe don't you know who you are?" the girl replied "No and your too young for the movie Joe" Classic.
  7. slegros

    Kids Names

    My roomates dad's real name is Fausto
  8. slegros

    Kids Names

    Middle names rule my daughter has two of them: Amber Lavender Trinity.
  9. I'll see if my jazz band is up for a cover or two. We have done rock covers before on our possibly last tour.
  10. Family Guy has been lacking the past few episodes but it's still good
  11. Knight Rider Seasons 1 -4 is hoffalicious Millennium Seasons 1 - 3 Family Guy 1 - 3 Life on Mars Season 1
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