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    Music, Travelling, Reading, Politics, History, Anthropology (my major in progress).
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    "The best movie ever....The Party, with Peter Sellers." -Matthew Good
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  1. I suddenly wish I lived in America so I couldn't access that. It was pretty hurting.
  2. Yeah, they didn't play Everything is Automatic, because I was disappointed.
  3. Edmonton Set list. I wrote it on a gum pack. Nothing says class like that. Champions of Nothing Single Explosion Odette Avalanche Born Losers Devil's in your Details Load Me Up Put Out Your Lights Blue Skies Over Bad Lands Black Helicopter 99% of Us Is Failure I'm a Window Apparitions Weapon Encore: Giant Hello Time Bomb Girl In The War
  4. The Baroness - Sarah Slean (itunes at midnight, i'll get the physical copy tomorrow....)
  5. first line is "Used to steal real estate signs"
  6. Yeah, this one does have a real Avalanche vibe. I am so pleased.
  7. I really love this one. I am way into it.
  8. Oh totally. I'd be way into saying hi, I'm really good at that! Especially to Matt Good fans.
  9. I think so. I studied the seating charts and then remembered that the Jubilee seating is really complicated now after the renos and then gave up. Row B was a good enough description for me. Heh. I'm already counting the days to the show.
  10. I got my Edmonton tickets right at 10 am, got Row B, Left side. I'm tremendously excited.
  11. I used Running For Home for an assignment similar to this, and did pretty well with it.
  12. Just for the record, I hate Finger Eleven so much that when I hear that Paralyzer song on the radio, I have to be restrained from breaking said radio. And that was before they were up against Matt for an award.
  13. Hospital Music: Odette WLRRR: Blue Skies Over Badlands Avalanche: Weapon/Avalanche (my favourite album, can't pick just one) Audio of Being: Sort of A Protest Song Loser Anthems: Flashdance II Beautiful Midnight: Running For Home Lo-Fi B-Sides: Fated Underdogs: Prime Time Deliverance Raygun: Raygun LOTGA: Vermilion In A Coma: Generation X-Wing acoustic
  14. Californication. Much better than I dared to hope for.
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