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  1. oh man... i was so depressed when Detroit won last night. Even though I'm a Canucks fan, i still love Edmonton.. so many great young players but in Anaheim and Calgary... Kipper is just sooooo good. He'll get the Vezina for sure, and maybe more. If Anaheim can't solve him... and dont get me wrong, thay do have the offense... but Calgary's defense is just so good
  2. hmm... this order is very subject to change... 10. From Under The Cork Tree - Fall Out Boy 9. Pretty Hate Machine - Nine Inch Nails 8. Clumsy - Our Lady Peace 7. Futures - Jimmy Eat World 6. Beautiful Midnight - Matthew Good Band 5. Deja Entendu - Brand New 4. Reinventing Axl Rose - Against Me! 3. The Blue Album - Weezer 2. Avalanche - Matthew Good 1. Achtung Baby - U2
  3. STRANGE DAYS!!! how can that be left off the poll!?!?!!?? i also love Going All The Way and Running For Home then again, i love every song ;)
  4. I have a version of myself doing Generation X-Wing but it's on my home computer... so i have to wait till i get back to Vancouver
  5. firestorm701


    I definitely got the best summer job in history I'm valeting at this 5 star hotel/restaurant in Vancouver. Basically this is how my night goes: 2 hours of running back and forth (well, driving forth, running back. you get the idea). followed by two/three hours of watching movies on my laptop with the occasional car needing to be parked or picked up, which is finally followed by another hour or so of retrieving cars at a furious rate. I love this. Especially seeing as i get tips, and the cars are fucking amazing. Job requirements: 1. driver's license 2. the ability to drive stick 3. not drinking on the job, even though we get free drinks the entire night.
  6. I had Chem on the 17th, and then 9 days off. Yeah, that's right. The damn administration is out to get me, i swear. They want me to fail at life. I now have Roman History and Calculus on the 26th, Bio on the 27th, and Physics on the 30th. Then i get to go home to good old Vancouver. I've definitely been procrastinating more than i should though... and now with the playoffs on... I'm screwed. That being said, I'm actually at the librry right now, supposedly studying the Roman Empire. It's working out well. EDIT: this just in. I GOT 80% ON MY CHEM FINAL! good ol science and their fast marking. I think that gives me somewhere around a 78 for the course. I wanted higher, but i can't bring myself to care anymore.
  7. well, being an EMO kid... (to clarify, i mean one that DOESN'T cut himself. let's get that clear) there's sooooooo many... most of them have been taken, but yeah 'You can see-eeee-eeee right through me' 'I will always be the worst' (and from the same song) 'I was never cool, so you can call me a loser' 'Head light morning glow' (i love the In A Coma acoustic version <3) 'I'm tired of walking around here with my hand on my gun' ug. i'm sure i'll be back on this thread with many more...
  8. I'd love to see Matt cover a song by Brand New or Something Corporate, even though they are more obscure bands. After seeing him live twice since In A Coma came out, I'm just so impressed with his ability to sing that kind of more depressing song (even though there were a lot fo hints that he could do it from previous albums) I think what i would like to see most would be either 'Play Crack The Sky' or 'Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis' ... maybe something by Against Me! as well, now that i come to think of it. dammit, this could go on forever.
  9. Interpol New British rock bads or new North American rock bands?
  10. GI Janes shit! i mean JOES. JOES!!!! uhmm... moving on russia or america?
  11. yes, but that just goes to show how small your brain is. when bertuzzi is on his game, he is a stronger forward than peter forsberg. that being said, peter forsberg is more consistant than todd, but peter forsberg is injured 80% of the time anyways. Steve Moore was cleared for play the other day, about 6 hours after todd's suspension was lifted and he was reinstated. coincidence? i think so. also, Todd has been restricted from playing in any game that steve moore is playing in. i hope you all realize what this means. one of the teams that is most likely to play vancouver in the playoffs will sign steve moore and stick him on the end of their bench, thereby redering todd bertuzzi unable to play during that playoff series. and we've seen how eefective vancouver is in the playoffs without him.
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