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  1. A better Pain Whispering in the dark Push Dancing Invisable The Bombmaker Brand New Tune Second Sun Message to God Before you Go
  2. I really want to see the show at Bowery Ballroom but I have to leave at 1am to catch a train back to NJ. If the showtime is at 8 do you think the show will be over before then?
  3. This is a alternative/comedy band I really like from my home state of New Jersey. The song has a great vibe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5wcv8fAUMU
  4. Guns N' roses - Use your illusion I Silversun pickups - Carnavas Bright eyes - Cassadaga Bright eyes - Digital ash in a digital urn
  5. I saw a live video with the extended lyrics and thought it was a great addition to the song.
  6. I just finished reading At Last Theres Nothing Left to Say and I was wondering if its worth getting Black Market Surgeries since he used some of the same material in both books.
  7. I loved Planet Terror and the fake trailors in between especially Thanksgiving. Death Proof only started getting interesting towards the end of the movie. It had to much meaningless dialog
  8. Haven't slept in years is one of my favorites from LOTGAs
  9. I enjoy long epic songs so I will go with the war is over.
  10. Push because it starts off fast but has a nice relaxing ending. Also ponyboy
  11. The last verse in Guns N' roses Coma You got a one way ticket On your last chance ride Gotta one way ticket To your suicide Gotta one way ticket And there's no way out alive And all this crass communication That has left you in the cold Isn't much for consolation When you feel so weak and old But if home is where the heart is Then there's stories to be told No you don't need a doctor No one else can heal your soul Got your mind in submission Got your life on the line But nobody pulled the trigger They just stepped aside They be down by the water While you watch 'em w
  12. LOTGA-Fearless Raygun-raygun Underdogs- Look happy its the end of the world Lo Fi- Enjoy the silence Beautiful Midnight- Jenni's song/Suburbia Loser Anthems- Life beyond the minimum safe distance Audio of Being-Tripoli/sort of a protest song Avalanche- While we were hunting rabbits WLRRR- Dont own it yet In A Coma- Big city life The bombmaker
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