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  1. Edmonton sold out way too quickly and I was too slow on the draw, so I missed out. Instead I will be going to the Red Deer show. Any Edmontonians want to share a ride? I plan to rent a car (and will do so regardless as I don't want to rely on anybody else to get there). If anybody wants to tag along (and contribute for gas, etc ;)) that could be cool. Let me know. I'm glad that I'll be seeing Matty after all. I was very sad for awhile there.
  2. As much as I love 99%, ASE is too catchy. Money is very good too, but doesn't stand out to me as much as the others do.
  3. One radio station here in Edmonton (I forget which one) has been playing Suburbia and Alabama Motel Room lately. I am pleased with this.
  4. I love it for the turnaround in the last half, and for the lyrics. Too bad he took it off the player.
  5. Russell

    Street Team

    If this shit goes down in May-June, I'll throw some posters up in Berlin.
  6. Maybe he'd use bit torrent.
  7. I thought the same thing too at first, but the songs higher up in the list have more letters that are cut off. The picture doesn't appear to have been taken diagonally, so it seems to me that the margin isn't even. Look at how much of Single Spark Explosion is cut off. The first two words are. That definitely leaves enough room for Slow Poke, hypothetically of course. It's probably wrong but I'm just joining in the guessing game. IMO it's too weird to be a MG song title, but I'd think the same thing about Single Spark Explosion. Honestly I couldn't tell you because I don't know. You sound like you know better than I so I suppose you are right! I still don't think he'd name a song Pete, but then what do I know?
  8. Matt knows a Pete (I forget who he is) and one of his dogs is also named Pete. I think he named the dog after the friend.
  9. New blog entry is entitled "slow poke". In his tradition of posting song names as blog titles, perhaps that's song #11's title.
  10. Sounds a lot like Broken. As such, I very much look forward to it. *Vanishes again*
  11. Many threads had been made but 'mysteriously' vanished shortly after. If you complain again you'll be banned. Excuse me? I wasn't complaining about anything. I was attempting to answer the person's post as to why such a thead had not yet been created, when in fact I had seen several already. I put the word in quoteys simply so I didn't have to say outright that they were deleted, which I kind of thought would be viewed as unnecessarily hostile (kind of how you viewed it anyways). I feel so completely violated. I make a simple post and you threaten to ban me? What the fuck is your problem? Go to hell Anton. EDIT: Before I'm banned, the rest of you may find this of interest. http://jennifergood.blogspot.com/ It was nice posting with all of you except Anton, he was an arrogant, overbearing asshole from the beginning.
  12. I put the little quotey things around mysterious for a reason. Probably because he posted it himself, thus bringing it out into the open. Perhaps by no longer hiding it he hopes to move on with his life.
  13. Many threads had been made but 'mysteriously' vanished shortly after.
  14. Then you are a sad, sad man. Kill yourself to preserve what is left of your honour.
  15. By commenting on the people, are you not also discussing people?
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