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  1. I thought Them Crooked Vultures was really boring, generic rock that sounded exactly as if you combined the bands those guys were in - the downfall of supergroups. Muse and Pearl Jam do nothing for me. Haha. More people should post their lists! This is a good topic.
  2. I heard a ton of new music this year in general, but these are the best of '09. In no particular order! I'm sure I forgot something. ;) Heartdrive - S/T Jay-Z - Blueprint 3 Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca Brand New - Daisy Neko Case - Middle Cyclone R
  3. Nah man, disagreed! I didn't like Make Believe, but these last two albums have been pretty great. In fact I am loving Raditude along with Alex, and he's exactly right. Rivers is just trying to have fun, if people don't want to enjoy themselves when listening, too bad for them.
  4. I think people are taking them too seriously! What's the matter with having Lil' Wayne on Can't Stop Partying? If you listen to his rap, he's making fun of himself and his own bad habits... I really don't think Weezer thought HEY let's get Lil' Wayne to be on a song and we'll sell more albums. They already KNOW they'll sell a shitload of albums - they're Weezer for god's sake. Anyway, Raditude is a fun album, people shouldn't look into it so much. It's not supposed to mean anything really deep.
  5. I REALLY like Raditude A LOT. I'm Your Daddy and particularly Can't Stop Partying are GREAT tracks. Yes yes Pinkerton is still their best. But this new direction they're going in is exciting and I really can't believe how many haters there are. Well, I guess I can. But it sucks.
  6. By "obscure" did you mean Spoon and Death Cab For Cutie and The Decemberists?
  7. 13 & God was one of the first bands shade posted in his upload thread two years ago, haha. P.S. happy birthday tomorrow. And Tim you have a nice voice!
  8. Alright but you know what? People are HAPPY about this. They are finally being positive about POLITICS. That's what is good about it all.
  9. Are you serious? BEST DAY EVERRRR This is freaking fantastic.
  10. I was fine until I came back here and read MG's latest blogs.
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