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  1. Cheers, Jesse. I didn't know adding artwork manually was even an option.
  2. Minor, minor, minor complaint / question. I got the physical cd (awesome stuff, btw), but when I put it into itunes it declared the album was by Matthew Good Band. An Easy enough fix, but it's also refusing to let me download the album artwork (regardless of whether I have the album listed as the band, or just him). It's not the biggest deal in the world, but I like my digital album artwork. Any thoughts on how to remedy this?
  3. Sort of a Protest Song While we were Hunting Rabbits
  4. Love it. I wonder if he's planning on adding lyrics. Instrumental makes for a nice change from him.
  5. I think I'll give it a shot. Two bucks a month is something I can swing. If it sucks, I just won't do it again next year.
  6. Weapon Suburbia While We Were Hunting Rabbits Sort of a Protest Song Avalanche The Rat Who Would Be King Prime Time Deliverance Advertising on Police Cars Near Fantastica Man of Action
  7. Not the first Civil War reference he's thrown us. Oh Be Joyful apparently had something to do with Confederate hooch. I wonder if Cold Harbour is just a working title, or if it's more thematically important.
  8. Even if he were to start recording the second his US tour is over (which strikes me as bloody unlikely). Universal would just hold on to the record again out of their fear of frequent releases. I think the thought of another album before 2011 is optimistic to the point of foolishness.
  9. 1. Avalanche 2. Protest Song 3. Suburbia 4. Rabbits 5. Weapon
  10. Is it just me, or is he putting up demos for shorter and shorter periods of time?
  11. 1. Empty's 2. Change 3. 99% 1. Fine Art 2. BTK
  12. I'm gonna skip the pre-ghetto astronauts stuff, cause I simply don't feel like going through my itunes to figure out which song went with which demo tape. LOTGA - Fearless Raygun - Generation X-Wing Underdogs - Apparitions Lo-fi - Fated (Tho I have a weird soft spot for that Enjoy the Silence cover) BM - Failing the Rorschach Test Loser Anthems - My Life as a Circus Clown AoB - Sort of a Protest Song Avalanche - WWWHR WLR&RR - In Love With a Bad Idea In a Coma - Pony Boy Hospital Music - 99% Massey Hall - Single Explosion Vancouver - Empty's Theme Park
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