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  1. exactly. June is quite soon if matt hasn't even begun recording yet. i wouldn't be surprised if it's released later.
  2. that (to me, anyway) is a terrible sounding word, regardless of meaning. and it's really close to "arsehole". nice to know
  3. i've got my fingers crossed for a double album. it seems that he's going back and forth with the idea... http://matthewgood.org/2006/11/this-is-wha...joy-looks-like/
  4. anyone happen to have a copy of indestructible acoustic ?
  5. the lyrics are great. i mustve listened to this a thousand times today
  6. as far as the new album goes, lets not forget that after in a coma matt made it very clear that he was taking his music in a new direction, and we can see some of the products of this with all of the recently released demos (metal airplanes, boy come home, shes in it for the money, ect...) i can only hope matt follows through on his idea of pairing a new album with a book / dvd. and to incorporate a live element of podcasts somehow. just my thoughts...
  7. sounds like a lot of people are missing the acoustic version of near fantastica, including myself. anyone able to help out?? personally, near fantastica has to be my favorite song ever. i'd love to hear other recordings of it. thx
  8. i heard acoustic indestructable at the acoustic show in nanaimo last july. in my opinion it was the best song of the night. it's much different than the normal version and i wish i caught it on video. does anyone have any leads to where i could get another listen?
  9. its still the short version... any hints as to where the longer/full version of 'shes in it for the money' can be found???
  10. same thing happened to me... its still the shit short version
  11. i'll post some more vids tonight after work..
  12. bootlag video now posted on youtube. anyone have the mp3 of it? thanks
  13. i posted the "metal airplanes" video on youtube after the acoustic show in nanaimo. does anyone have the mp3 versions of metal airplanes or she's in it for the money? much appreciated.
  14. at the live show in Nanaimo on July 31st, Matt played a darker, much slower version of Indestructable. Does anyone have a copy of this??
  15. at the recent solo acoustic show in nanaimo i had matt sign my birth certificate, rendering it void.
  16. here's a couple songs from the show... i'll be uploading more soon. http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=leckblog
  17. i've got it on video. email me if you want a copy.
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