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  1. I keep missing Blade Runner as well! Arg! Someone dragged me over to watch Good Luck Chuck with her, tonight.
  2. The Boy That Could Explode and Fought to Fight It, are I admit, AWESOME! I can't stop listening to them!
  3. Listening to Volcano now, but I just listened to Fought to Fight it 6 times...it's so brilliant.
  4. Volcano is awesome. Imagine what the studio release will sound like...unless he's going to independently create and publish his next CD?
  5. Oh hell, everyone's talking about Juno now, I might as well see it. Saw The Kingdom on DVD, as well as Heartbreak Kid and again, The War of the Worlds (Spielberg version). You're right...not that many unique or interesting movies (and less with the writers strike I imagine...but that won't be reflected for a year). I liked the Kingdom, Heartbreak Kid went on for two hours, and while funny, that two hours felt like it could have been compressed to fifteen minutes... The War of the Worlds might have been way better with a different lead actor. Some people complain about the little g
  6. I can see that - like they're trying to "over-do" or "do it everywhere", even during moments where, considering you have the cam to begin with, you've probably figured out how to handle it flawlessly! One of the producers "joked" (hinted?) at a sequel when asked, saying "It's not implausible other people were in the city, experiencing events from a different point of view, with their own cams." Although..I do not think a sequel based on the SAME event would be that much of a success - how many of those millions who saw the movie saw it for the monster and how many saw it for what happene
  7. I'd like both if possible as well.
  8. Turkey sandwich since I totally forgot what I had for supper. I may have forgotten to eat supper...oh well.
  9. I'll hit the library this weekend and see if I can find it -sounds interesting. Looking forward to debating it's bizareness...the last bizarre book I read had the very uncreative line "If you stared into the dark seed, you would see that it was made of holes, and that the holes were made of holes, the deeper you looked."
  10. *Gasp* Lost. I admit it. Hang me now if you so choose. Since the strike, all I have to watch is American Idol, Lost and Terminator. I like Terminator - thought it'd completely blow. Not THAT great, but better than I expected. I always liked Lost, and since the strike is on, I watch fresh T.V. 3 hours a week or so...oh and sci-fi reruns, so make that two hours an evening while I'm working at the computer, watching sci-fi reruns. If this strike keeps on and everyone cuts their viewer time down, we'll have everyone complaining we're watching too much T.V., complaining that we need to wat
  11. I'm reading "Variable Star" by Spider Robinson (based off Robert Heinlein's unwritten book). It's actually pretty good. The only book I've read in a few months that actually vividly put each sentence in my head, rather than "key events". It's funny, sad, tense, energetic, all in one...the author really found a way to express the suspense of some scenes, the humor of others.
  12. Looking forward to seeing it. Sure the cam is shaky but it's something different for a change - "filmed from the perspective of a handcam" versus an all hero protagonist who always has his hand on things. Although, I admit the ending was rather sad, just by reading the synopsis...but again, unique. While the all-victory movie is fun, sometimes it's worth it to let the protagonist fail to add a story quality.
  13. Resident Evil: Extinction Was better than I thought it'd be, but starting to get repetitive. Going to see Mr. Woodcock (DVD) and Cloverfield (theatre) tomorrow...better be worth it. Looking forward to a comedy for a change though...Meet the Spartans better be good, hehe.
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