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  1. I used to think it said 'Wrapped up like a douche in the middle of the night'
  2. Where do I send my money/credit cards/Social insurence #/home adress/picture of girlfriend/and so on?
  3. Not if you think about it. You sit on the ducks back, it's neck is your back rest and tail the foot rest.
  4. I would buy a duck shaped lawn chair in a second!
  5. I remember when I was younger I loved him in '2 guys a girl and a pizza place'
  6. Has he been in anything else? Asides from random internet and TV appearances.
  7. It is a farily good filtering system when you think about it.
  8. Makes sense, I guess. Was it always that way? Or was there a point where it was so bad that the policy had to be implemneted.
  9. Rumble on the Bronx. It was on TBS on the weekend. You gotta love Jackie Chan and all his wacky hyjinx.
  10. Late night, eh? Too bad I work so early, I miss out on late night. Now that you bring it up I was meaning to ask, how come there is a post limit to get into sticky situations and not any other forum?
  11. I suppose you're right. When does the board seem to be at it's busyest?
  12. Is it just me or does this whole forum move slowly? It's hard to make enough posts to buy anything without seeming like a post whore.
  13. I can't wait to see what critics will say about it. They're going to take it waaaay to seriously.
  14. I remember when I was really young, her music videos were always being played on TV. I liked them but was too afraid to admit it, so I'd always change the channel whenever anyone walked in. Oh to be in fourth grade again. That being said, I have no idea what she sounds like anymore.
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