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  1. People have been bisexual and homosexual before it was even a widely known concept. There are many famous historical figures who were gay. Homosexuality isn't a new occurence. I'm sure that just as many people are gay today as there were three hundred years ago. The difference is that it's easier to recognize that you are something other than straight now. Or if you do recognize it, it's easier to come out. It's not EASY to come out for many people, but it's easier than before. So yes, I agree that homosexuality is natural. Jenna.
  2. I don't even mind if people don't like/agree with homosexuality. That's their deal, not mine. It's when it starts to interfere with my life - banning same sex marriages would fall under that. HoboFactory's post only bothered me because of the message it sent to me. "I agree that women are equal, but let's not bother giving them the right to vote." "I agree that blacks are equal, but let's not bother to free them from slavery." "I agree that homosexuality is okay, but let's not bother to give them the same rights that heteros recieve." After all, no amount of sound education and information is
  3. ...and another, lesser friend, who just came out...he had to make the choice of whether or not he would be true to himself and his feelings and risk friendships, his families respect, and a life of social acceptance or not say anything and live a comfortable lie...and he chose to be true to himself...his parents supported it and saw it coming, and his friends are still his friends...but he still is going to have to deal with prejudice for the rest of his life... I can't come out to my mother because I already know what her response will be. I've not come out at school, mainly because th
  4. I would marry you, Anton, but that would go against the bisexual agenda. ;) /end sarcasm. Jenna.
  5. i like the way you think. I don't. I'll address the main points of this post, and I'll try not to get myself worked up about some of the petty (but offensive) comments. I don't think it's necessary at all to allow it. It seems as though the gay community is being overly dramatic about something that doesn't matter a great deal. They compare themselves to the Black population of America in the 19th century; they talk about being oppressed and having certain rights taken away, etc. Marriage IS a right that's been denied from them. People have been beaten to death for being ho
  6. I always cry when I watch this movie. I just love it to bits, for some reason. I've been a fan of Winona Ryder ever since Beetlejuice. She has such expressive eyes. I like all the supporting actors in this movie, too, and how all their characters have their own little back stories. Polly's suicide scene is heart-wrenching. Angelina Jolie is very intense in this movie. Jenna.
  7. here comes a huge rant. i feel passionatly about this issue and there is no way i would ever, under any circumstances, have an abortion. Like I said, it's my opinion. It's all well and good that you, yourself, would not have an abortion. I support your decision if that is what you believe is right for yourself. You have different morals, and I can respect that, but I would never allow that to interfere with my own decisions. first, i must stress that as soon as the fetus starts growing (when egg and sperm meet) you have made a person. it is no longer your body. you have almost be
  8. I believe in a woman's right to choose. I am anti-abortion and pro-choice. I don't think that abortions are wonderful things, or that everyone should have one. I also don't think it is fair to the woman to force her to bear a child. Abortion should be legal and available. It is not the place of the law to decide what I do with my body. That's freakishly Orwellian. Don't like abortion? That's all well and good. You don't have to have one for yourself. It is necessary for some women. If you think it's wrong and you get pregnant, keep the baby. Abortions should be performed within the fir
  9. http://www.postmanpat.org.uk/sound/sound1.htm Jenna.
  10. Postman Pat, Postman Pat Postman Pat and his black and white cat... Did you watch this show when you were younger? I remember watching this British clay-mation children's series every day, but I don't remember why. It wasn't particularily amusing. Postman Pat and his creepy cat delivered mail. Sometimes there was a plot. Maybe I just watched it for that rockin' theme song. Did you watch this show when you were little? Can you remember back that far? Did they even play this show in the States? Jenna.
  11. Oooh, one of my favourite-ist movies EVER! Donnie Darko is definitely at the top of my list. It's quite cool, and really makes you think. The first time I saw it, it made me dizzy. I quite love it. It's got so many great quotes, too. Like the Smurfs thing. First of all, Papa Smurf didn't create Smurfette. Gargamel did. She was sent in as Gargamel's evil spy with the intention of destroying the Smurf village, but the overwhelming goodness of the Smurf way of life transformed her. And as for the whole gang-bang scenario, it just couldn't happen. Smurfs are asexual. They don't even ha
  12. I'm poor. I think it's too expensive... Especially having to deal with overpriced snacks, sticky floors, and obnoxious teenagers. Wonder why I don't go to the movies more often... Jenna.
  13. I don't mind the commercials, since I hardly ever watch TV. Jenna.
  14. I'm always late for movies, so I like having extra time to get there. Jenna.
  15. She was in Girl, Interrupted, wasn't she? Jenna.
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