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  1. NYC...on a Saturday. There's very few shows that I am willing to drive into that mess for. This may be an exception.
  2. I am so happy for those of you that will get to attend these small shows. I'm still somewhat bummed that we can't even get a few isolated U.S. dates. I hope you all have fun.
  3. I’d settle for anything at this point. I went to Canada for the CN tour but can’t swing that anymore. Too expensive and too far. Family obligations make it impossible. I’d love a Philadelphia show but realize that’s probably not probable anymore. I hate the nyc drive but I’d do it for two people: Tom Waits and Matt Good.
  4. I think I know the answer, but is there any chance of a few US shows? Back in 2013, you did a one-off in NYC. In major markets, I’d think you could pack a room....nyc was sold out.
  5. That made me laugh! But also a little sad. Those of us in the NYC driving range barely get a show anymore..it’s been over five years. I hope you get your wish. I made the trip to Hamilton in 2015 and was not disappointed.
  6. Just received mine here in York, Pennsylvania. The Avalanche had a white sticker on the outside of the wrapping. I opened it up and it's black. It's not worth the hassle of sending it back. That being said, I may be done with the vinyl re-issues. I remember the handful of problems the last batch with LAOTGA not having the best track on the album on the vinyl release, the skipping on HM's 99% and then this. Not sure who is doing the re-issues, I did not even have time to look...but that's quite a bunch of slip ups considering the cost of the vinyl. Also, maybe it's my imagination but AOB vinyl doesn't even feel heavy...it's definitely not 180 gram.
  7. Sure, why not. First off, I only heard rumors of what was posted. People can be cruel, insentive a-holes. As someone who has been a fan for nearly 20 years, I feel I can speak freely on this and with the ability to back it up. Matt is a lyrical and musical genius. I would gladly argue I am one of his biggest fans in the U.S. However, when you open yourself up, especially your personal life on social media...you can expect a backlash. Then he goes and removes himself from NF a while later because he felt it was too invasive in his personal life. No big deal. I remove myself from social media quite a bit as well, as it’s overwhelming. That being said, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. Matthew Good posted about his social life frequently and then gets pissed when someone takes it too far. That being said, deactivating your accounts and cowering isn’t much of a defense. Why not block the prick? Why not make a fool out of him in turn? We all know Matthew Good isn’t shy and doesn’t hold back his feelings. My whole point is that if you open your personal life up on social media, as he did...you have to expect an occasional a-hole to try and take it too far. I hope for his sake that he comes back. I love his music and his thoughts, even though I frequently disagree with his politics, I greatly, greatly respect his opinion. He’s a smart man. I hope he can get over this and get a thicker skin.
  8. Very cool...small world. Not many US fans but the ones that know the music are usually diehard fans. Stumbling across beautiful midnight in a littl record shop is one of the most important musical discoveries in my life. I’m from the suburbs of York, where are you from? Hope you enjoy the vinyl release
  9. They are available on Matthew Good's website if that is what you are referring to. They have been on Amazon's Canadian site for several weeks. I am in Pennsylvania and ordered all three. AOB and LA said they will be available at the end of April but Avalanche will not be until the last week of May. My guess is that all three will ship at the end of May. Avalanche looks like it's holding the rest up.
  10. ...I don’t know about this one. I’m tempted to go but the 8 hour drive from southern Pennsylvania to Toronto in March could be treacherous. As much as I enjoy OLP...I don’t know I want to see them share a show with one of the greatest artists of recent time.
  11. An OLP and MG co-headline show maybe will hit the US for some dates. That’d be sweet for us US fans. Anyone think it’s plausible? Given, OLP has a decent following here. MG not so much. Anyway, I’m hoping for a few shows here. It’s been years since I didn’t have to cross the border to see him and the band.
  12. A free show in Niagara Falls is definitely tempting. It's still a 7 hour drive from my home in Pennsylvania, so I will probably sit this one out. It seems like Niagara Falls or Hamilton is going to be the closest shows he plays any more. Have fun to everyone going.
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