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  1. This song is awesome! I don't like this Quicktime stuff much. I don't think they liked people getting the mp3's. ;)
  2. no they got divorced, and now he is going to travel the world in search of happiness.
  3. Do any of you guys like Cursive? I think they are flippin sweet. I have every song they ever made and i finally get to see them live on Oct 7th! http://www.myspace.com/cursive
  4. i really love the song "Set the Ray to Jerry" from the Aeroplane Flies High boxed set. It is a super great and awesome song. As far as the Pumpkins getting back together, its only Billy and Jimmy, and it will never be the same without D'arcy and James ;)
  5. i sure hope u dont put it in that store because i dont have any store money and i wanna see whatever you tape!
  6. 7/10 john stewart is funny most of the time.
  7. whoa these videos are great! thanks for posting this. o man youtube is so awesome, so so awesome.
  8. wack0

    Matts Ring

    i am sad that matt threw his ring away. everytime i watch the video i feel sad. i wish matt good wasn't going away for a long time. who knows when the next album will come out. ;)
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