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  1. Yep . . . Matt wants Jenny to change her last name from Good back to Meischl . . . or I'm sure he might have a few other suggestions which she could change her name too which are not good . . . I don't blame him at all . . .
  2. Glad everyone enjoyed the show . . . if anyone wants the show and didn't get a chance to download it msg me and I'll see what I can do . .
  3. Is it too late to submit . . . I started working on an Acoustic version of the future is x rated but have not gotten back to it in a few week . . I need to finish it . . . been very busy . .
  4. It kinda looks tea partish . . is that a word? Looks like something Jeff Martin would have for an album cover.
  5. I didn't know it was in the store . . . sorry, I'll go check it out . .thanks!
  6. Does anyone have a copy of "boy come home" that they could post . . . I would like to hear this song that everyone is talking about.
  7. I tried to check this video out usinf the youtube link provided but was told that this was a private video and I need a friend link or something to view it . . . is this the result of google's takeover of youtube . . . I have never seen this type of message on youtube before . . .
  8. Where did you get these tracks? I would **LOVE** to hear these tunes. Did they come from Matt's site? I looked around there but couldn't find any demo stuff.
  9. Where did you get this song from and can I get a copy? I would also love to get metal airplanes as well if anyone has a copy to share.
  10. Advertising on police cars from in a coma
  11. "Rather than finishing lyrics to the final two songs for the new record (yes, I am going in to record soon)" . . . Can't wait . . . a hopefully a tour to boot . . . fingers crossed
  12. I have no problem with having these zipped up and posted on megaupload to share with other here at NF. The only reason I am only posting them for one day is because I cannot afford the bandwidth bill from everyone downloading them from me. I thought it would be cool to share this with everyone here at NF on the 1 year anniversary of this show . . . It almost takes me back listening to it again.
  13. I'm sure that after today this can be posted in the NF Store or something so that people who didn't tune in today can have access to it as well. It was an awesome show. I had tickets to go see his acoustic show in Kingston as well but it was canceled the night of the show . . . I showed up at the venue to find out the show was canceled :-(. This was the last Matt Good show that I attended. I can't wait for him to tour again . . . Enjoy Everyone :-)
  14. A year ago today I was lucky enough to catch Matt play a show at Stages Nightclub in Kingston, Ontario. Man, what a great show it was. Anyway, I managed to record the show and for one day only (on the anniversary of the event) I am posting the concert in its entirety on my site. Go to http://www.northofthe49th.ca and grab the show! It will be gone tomorrow . . . .
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