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    Music, sports (figure skating and football...i know it's contradicting but i love them both), animals and conversation.
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    you know they put a man on the moon simple to prove that we all need some place to go, where we're not known.
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    Can't decide...it changes everyday
  1. Is is the one by the new IKEA or the one across from Chinook mall?
  2. Can i ask what store she works at...in Calgary? I work in Lethbridge (store #267) Hoping to transfer to a Calgary store in 6 months...put a good word in for me.
  3. My boyfriend took me to Saw II for our date night...THANKS DEAR!!!!!! I couldn't stop cringing (SP?) and looking away from the screen. For a sequel this movie was very good. I hate all these stupid horror movies coming out now but i thing "SAW" is the only exception.
  4. One of the best set lists ever. Rat Avalanche Load Joyful Suburbia Empty Road 21st Century Time bomb Automatic Blue Skies Weapon Police Cars Giant Alert Status Prime time Deliverance Apperitions Me and my brother got there a bit late but weren't too far back in the line up. I studied for my music in film midterm (that i had the next day) while we waited for the doors to open. Got up to the front of the stage, but off the the far right side (Rich's side). Absolutly shocked by some of the songs that were played, some i haven't heard at all, some i haven't heard since 19
  5. Matt Good is my favourite artist. But my favourite song of all time is played by my second favourite artist(s), Simon and Garfunkel.
  6. one of the best shows on television. But i will add that this season is probably my least favourite. It got a little predictable...but hey still an awesome shoe that occupies my monday nights.
  7. Kelly Ripa...and the fact that she has two shows on television makes her twice as a annoying
  8. lcpja


    All albums of course ALTINLTS book avalanche sticker MG pin 2 MGB t-shirts, 2 MG t-shirts MG patch 2 guitar picks signed ticket by matt signed avalanche album cover (by matt and rich) 2 set lists, one of which is signed by matt, rich and pat 1 signed t-shirt by matt 2 photos of me with matt and 1 with rich...these i treasure A personally signed WLRRR album...it reads "To Anna: Best. Matt Good"
  9. I used to watch Much frequently. Now i feel the same as you...it's all shit!!! All the same music over and over and over and over and over. And all the same BAD music over and over and over and over. George was the only VJ who had some brains (because he spoke his mind) and taste in music.
  10. Any special plans for Valentine's Day? What was the make and year of your first vehicle? Ever ridden a motorcycle? Want to buy one? Come to Calgary and i'll hook you up! (unless you want a harley, and in that case i pity you) haha jj What book(s) are you currently reading?
  11. As long as Matt "the genius" is involved i don't give a shit what the band is called or what type of music they will play! I'm HAPPY!!!
  12. I met one of them in Calgary at a bar...i think it was Dave, but not for sure...he was really nice though...but only talked for 2 minutes. And i would agree that i liked "misery"...very catchy
  13. I WANT THE FULL ZIP HOODIE!!! It may be a little late as far as the tour is concerned but it's right in time for christmas!!!!
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