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  1. let's deal with a lower capacity when there is a lower capacity. delivering the mail 3 times a week means that you have to wait twice as long for things to get to you. if you are sending mail nowadays, chances are it has to do with the crucials, like tax, driving or banking stuff. if i had to wait one more day for osap to get my paperwork, that could mean a day i couldn't eat. and that's just my middle class perspective.. what happens if you rely on government assistance? what if you can't afford a computer and regular internet access, and have to do a lot more snail mail stuff? and the last thing we need to do is privatize. the union gets so much because it's a shitty job. walking around for 6-8 hours a day, regardless of weather or personal injury. private companies have no appreciation for the type of loyalty a person needs for this type of job.
  2. lol he called them "our floppy heads" as if he is canadian or somehow has any part of the canadian life other than taking our resources.
  3. he's from fargo. moved here when he was diagnosed with ms. should've stayed and lobbied for health care reform in the us.
  4. this guy, and lunch with a friend.
  5. any time you would like to stop wasting my tax dollars, that would be fine. no need to bitch about sub-par healthcare you are getting for free. i think we have done this thread already anyways. i couldnt care less how someone likes their shoes lined up in their closets or that they can only have their beverage after they have finished all the food on their plate.
  6. i don't think he should be modded. i'm starving for mod work as it is, we don't need to add a full-time mod. plus he's annoying as hell.
  7. harper has cut funding for 11 women's rights groups. the article says that some were inefficient and/or under performing. if they are under performing, it probably says more about the government that refuses to listen or make changes than the group itself. how about they audit these groups, maybe condense if possible, and leave the women's shelters alone? "the government announced last week that it will only fund family planning, but not abortion, in its new policy," which makes abortion elitist, great. so the women who need it the most (low income) can't afford to get them. they have to live on constantly lowering welfare rates while paying for a sitter while they are doing 'community work' to be able to get welfare in the first place. and harper doesn't want to give families a dime for 5 years for child care, as he's paying off those penis-extension jets. it doesn't make sense that (neo)conservative budgets don't find it prudent to interfere with it's own busniess/society but it's happy to make room for dropping bombs on foreign countries from 30 billion dollars worth of jets. we won't get a christmas bonus if we get out of the recession first. all of these guys know how to decently fixed the economy. the art is in the details.
  8. i don't think it's funny, but not because the concept of it isn't funny. the caption is too far removed from proper english so the juxtaposition isn't clear enough, and the picture in itself isn't funny. unfunny picture + not so funny caption = not so funny.
  9. to me, the cost of the election is irrelevant because i consider harper a criminal and i cannot have his sort of government in power. it is not acceptable to do some of the things he has done, but what's worse is that canadians aren't noticing and those who do are made out to be radical leftists. they are getting credit for getting us through the recession, but at what cost? here is an article from the australian, though it is written by a prof from waterloo. a most excellent read.
  10. like any new technology there is a period where everyone tries to work out some kind of etiquette. women could only ride sidesaddle and weren't able to drive by themselves for a long time. we get an idea of this etiquette through social conditioning, i.e. chastising, public shaming. some people are innocent enough, but some people are obnoxious. theres a time and a place for that. if i wanted obnoxious i'd go over to 4chan.
  11. i avoid posting in his threads specifically because he writes them and i don't want to give him any extra support.
  12. he's not spending 400 on a hair straightener haha. it was regular like 200 but its at a trade store that my sister works at, so its like a double discount.
  13. my sisters and the boyfriends are dividing up the price of the gifts this year... a table saw for pa and a wii fit for ma. plus other little things. my older sister is getting a hello kitty water cooler from which i plan on getting super drunk... my younger sister is going to get a home hardware gift card as she is doing some renos in her house, as well as some tea stuff from my work. i didn't get them anything last year because i was broke so i'm spending more this year. not really sure what i'm getting jamie yet.. our 3 year anniversary is this friday, and he's been saying he wants his batman poster framed (not so excited to have that on display, but in a few years, the decorating will be left up to me, so i can deal) so i might get that done for him. for anniversary or christmas. i can't think of anything special to get him for our anniversary... i might make the batman thing the 3 year gift and then buy him a bunch of clothes and odds and ends for christmas. for christmas he is getting me a new hair straightener and for our 3 year he is getting me tiffanys and prada perfume. so it needs to be good. then i have to buy for his sister and a lil something for his mom. expensive christmas this year.
  14. i was the one who sent it to him and therefore was much offended when all i got from him was "got my Bored Exchange cd today. Will review more of it as I listen. 1. The Beatles - I'm so Tired -love this one, never heard it before. A+ 2. Black Keys - Remember When - it's alright. B- 3. Charles Mingus - Better Get Hit In Yo Soul - not a fan of Jazz. sorry. more later extra points for getting 17 tracks on there. " found this little add-on a few pages after: "too tired to write a full Song For Song review of the cd Lauren, but It is an excellent fall to sleep mix. Overall grade: A+" so sdt is too tired. that sucks. maybe that means you should stay home and sleep instead of bothering the poor baristas in your neighbourhood.
  15. i sent you a cd last year for the exchange, sdt. i spent 10 dollars or so making the case and it cost me 23 dollars to send it to you. and you didn't say a word about it, other than that you liked one song. so i'm passing this year.
  16. i guess he does bring up a point.. after 12/12/12, we are done for our lifetime. there is no 13/13/13.
  17. man i regret clicking on this thread.
  18. the next big thing is something that actually happens, so no. do you have a laundry day, or do you do it bit by bit?
  19. like christine, it reminds me of other times, not really darker ones though. just high school and emotional neediness/cluelessness. i like more upbeat music now, i'd say. "Well obviously no one wants to listen to the same one thing over and over again but when you find something you really connect with in some way or another and are a big fan, I expect most wouldn't go a long time or years without going back to it again. I listen to other stuff too but MG's music is what I'm closest to." - Manchalivin i'm going to disagree with this. matt good (band) was the be all end all for me for years, and now its been years. i have no idea if/when new albums are coming out or whatever mischief he's up to.
  20. i haven't listened to him in years. i overdid it, probably forever.
  21. you can still get the banana popsicles at any mac's milk.. at least every one i've been to and thought to check.
  22. bulk barn 10% discount day for students and old people every wednesday ftw!
  23. i got 3 paragraphs in like tracy. i don't think i would have made the conclusion that save points are related to being a pussy or 'retarded' (you'll never be able to use this word and sound like a respectable author), more the fact that adult gamers at the same time that you were a child gamer, (the ones pushing the market and the demand for new designs and specific content) needed save points or else whats the point of playing the game? you as a child were able to play for hours on end, but not many adults or even young adults had the time/desire to play and replay the game. if they didn't put in better save points, instead of getting a more resilient generation, you'd have gotten a generation of people annoyed by video games and their redundancy. keep up the good work though. i admire your ability to have the public read your work. anything i write is between my professor and i.
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