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  1. Agree wholeheartedly with both of you. I think the promoter got greedy thinking since Matt can sell out two or three nights, why not do one big show. The big problem with the Sony Centre is that for a good seat, you can expect the price to be over $120 with fees. I’m avoiding Kraftwerk there this summer for that exact reason. I’d love to go but don’t like the ticket prices. And the set list is still a considerable unknown. Besides, why would I pay that price when I can see him perform on the outskirts for $50 and probably be closer? And no to Rebel — that venue sucks.
  2. Thanks to everybody here for the info... debating the Rose Theatre show in Brampton as there are better seats for that available over the Richmond Hill performance. Only other thing I'm not digging, besides the obvious manner in how these show announcements are trickling out, is the ticket prices. Is it me or is $69 + fees + HST per ticket (pushing well past $80/ticket all in) a little on the high side. Realize the venues here around Toronto are more boutique but I'm a little underwhelmed with the price tag.
  3. And I'll drop another hint since I just saw it on Pollstar: Matt's playing (assumably closing out) The Sound of Music Festival at Spencer Smith Park on Sunday, June 17th (the day after Caledon). So two free shows west of Toronto.
  4. I guess I'll get some hate mail here... The "secret show" was at the Rivoli on Queen Street West. Maybe holds about 200 people at capacity and is not a great venue (IMHO) soundwise. I was e-mailed LATE yesterday (and by late, around 4:30pm) and couldn't change my work schedule to accomodate it. :/
  5. Speaking of "Avalanche" (and not to threadjack). I've been *FOREVER* looking for a lossless edit of "Near Fantastica." I remember it being posted, in a 128kbps MP3 format, years ago but would love to have that track in better quality. Any and all help appreciated!
  6. Yeah. It sucked that our whole weekend got axed because of this thing. I know that the Watchmen shows were filmed and audio captured (audio for possible future release by the band). Massey Hall has the most gestapo ushers as far as cameras/video go; you need to be very low-key when doing it.
  7. I hate people like that. That was the intention of buying the seats where I did so I could, at the very least, not have somebody like that right in front (worked well for Tori back in August). People like that need to reminded that other people paid to see/listen to a show and not them. :/ I heard about the donuts... I'm sure there was some carpet cleaning bills added to their final charges. :)
  8. Thanks Krista. I haven't been on here in a while but completely missed your iPhone recording. It's definitely better than nothing (great to hear those songs again). Thanks again for recording and posting.
  9. Damn bronchitis. Had to sell my tickets (first row, centre gallery) which would've netted a great recording. There was just *NO* way it was gonna happen (had to sell my Watchmen tickets for the night before as well). I hope an audio recording of this show shows up because the set list was great and the show sounds like it was a lot of fun.
  10. Really? Damn foot surgery two days before... I would've driven to Buffalo to hear those two (especially BH -- miss that song being out of the rotation).
  11. I can vouch for said d-bags in St. Catharines as well at SCENE Music Festival. I'm sure many people had been there all day for the openers plus Monster Truck and the Sheepdogs and just stuck around for MG. Your Ottawa show looks similar to the one I saw (and would expect to see this weekend in Toronto if I end up going). I don't mind a 70-to-75 minute set if it's a good one (which St. Catharines was). Speaking of which, I need to get that show up...
  12. I'd die to hear NP and NF in the same set. In fact, if he ever did NF again, I'd die. But if he added "Black Helicopter" for good measure, that'd be the icing on the cake.
  13. One... I wish people would stop using the term 'bootleg' -- 'live recording' is *MUCH* better because nobody's selling it. Two... I'm glad to see Matt on-board with allowing people to open trade said live recordings. What I'd _REALLY_ like to see if Matt go a step further and encourage the next point: Three... I'd like to see Matt become a 'taper friendly' artist who supports something like the Live Music Archive and allows people to run stands with mics (around the soundboard area) at his shows. Other artists have done this for years (Sam Roberts Band, Queens of the Stone Age, Big Sugar, Dave Matthews Band, Michael Franti) and it's not affected them negatively. By embracing this, people with QUALITY GEAR will capture his shows and the recordings that will exist will be incredible. I've done some great recordings for many of the above over the years and would love to the same for Matt. Speaking of which, I did e-mail his management team about this very thing and received *no* response regarding this weekend's Festival of Beer show in Toronto. Wide Mouth Mason are opening (who I've also taped without issue) and asked about the likelihood of recording Matt's set. Oh well, can't win 'em all.
  14. It wasn't just me. I had a friend who saw three of the surrounding shows that Matt did on the tour and he even agreed that it was an 'off night.' The crowd was not very attentive (a lot of new material and the ushers were like Nazis getting people to put down cameras, etc. I was at the Mississauga show (which I also taped) that night. Performance-wise, it was decent but didn't have the vibe of what I'd seen in 2008 (then again, I saw the 2008 tour *NOT* at Massey Hall but from the fourth row in a small club in Oshawa). Now only if Matt would dust off "Black Helicopter" again...
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