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  1. Tried to edit the above post but it won't let me. Tweet has since been deleted.
  2. I wouldn't go that far. With the current publicity coupled with being dropped by a label and management, there's no way he'd have anything up on his website. He will more likely attempt to "relaunch" his career (or what's left of it) once a good year-plus has passed and if nothing further comes of this entire situation. It's strictly a wait and see but it doesn't look too good right now.
  3. Saw HMR open for City and Colour closing in on a decade ago and was truly impressed by their albeit brief set. Should definitely go back and listen to them again and play some catchup.
  4. Thanks for doing right by this. It's a hard place for everyone; those wronged, those who are fans, those who were fans, those who personally know somebody wronged, and those who simply don't know how to feel about the entire situation. There's indeed a lot to ingest.
  5. Very much so. For those who still like the best song on Avalanche, at least they weren’t pink pills...
  6. Read the next two posts after yours on this forum and ask give it some pondering. His public bad actions over the past 15 years or so have been more or less similar in nature. Add in his lack of denial/acknowledgment, and lawyered up statement this past week, and it should be pretty easy to draw a conclusion. When you see longterm Bored members sharing their stories, which is brave enough to do, they’re not being posted for shits and giggles — it’s gotta be hard going back to those memories and putting them into words. Thanks @Jessafur and @sharon for having the courage to do that. I’m sorr
  7. Try reading the known Tumblr page that exists and come back and (try to) say what you’ve just said. There are three sides to every story but when one of them “goes radio silent,” it’s not a great look. I should also add that I went through a divorce about a decade ago; long story short, I’ve never done or said anything (publicly) like MG has. It wasn’t pretty but social media is not the place to post such things. Corus, who owns Global, and various radio stations across the country, couldn’t afford to get this wrong — kudos to them for finally having enough there to post t
  8. Exactly this. Bernie Breen had been with him for the better part of two decades. He wouldn't walk unless there was some level credibility to the multiple as accusations. I've read several of the accusations (there's a whole tumblr page as well) and none of it shocks me. As has been said multiple times on this thread, he's not a great person. Nobody deserves trial by Twitter, however, MG's statement left a bad taste in my mouth -- it took how long to break your silence and to simply write that? I've loved his music for most of his career -- the last couple of albums did
  9. Agree wholeheartedly with both of you. I think the promoter got greedy thinking since Matt can sell out two or three nights, why not do one big show. The big problem with the Sony Centre is that for a good seat, you can expect the price to be over $120 with fees. I’m avoiding Kraftwerk there this summer for that exact reason. I’d love to go but don’t like the ticket prices. And the set list is still a considerable unknown. Besides, why would I pay that price when I can see him perform on the outskirts for $50 and probably be closer? And no to Rebel —
  10. Thanks to everybody here for the info... debating the Rose Theatre show in Brampton as there are better seats for that available over the Richmond Hill performance. Only other thing I'm not digging, besides the obvious manner in how these show announcements are trickling out, is the ticket prices. Is it me or is $69 + fees + HST per ticket (pushing well past $80/ticket all in) a little on the high side. Realize the venues here around Toronto are more boutique but I'm a little underwhelmed with the price tag.
  11. And I'll drop another hint since I just saw it on Pollstar: Matt's playing (assumably closing out) The Sound of Music Festival at Spencer Smith Park on Sunday, June 17th (the day after Caledon). So two free shows west of Toronto.
  12. I guess I'll get some hate mail here... The "secret show" was at the Rivoli on Queen Street West. Maybe holds about 200 people at capacity and is not a great venue (IMHO) soundwise. I was e-mailed LATE yesterday (and by late, around 4:30pm) and couldn't change my work schedule to accomodate it. :/
  13. Speaking of "Avalanche" (and not to threadjack). I've been *FOREVER* looking for a lossless edit of "Near Fantastica." I remember it being posted, in a 128kbps MP3 format, years ago but would love to have that track in better quality. Any and all help appreciated!
  14. Yeah. It sucked that our whole weekend got axed because of this thing. I know that the Watchmen shows were filmed and audio captured (audio for possible future release by the band). Massey Hall has the most gestapo ushers as far as cameras/video go; you need to be very low-key when doing it.
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