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  1. I LOVE HILARY DUFF !!11!! What is your hardest New Year's resolution to actually follow >
  2. For Christmas I got a few hours of PEACE AND QUIET for once The tangible stuff was $300 from parents, small stuff from acquaintances etc, and some hooker clothes from my best chick I bought myself some hooker boots to match, navel jewelry and some stuff from Sephora because 'tis the season for buying things : ]
  3. I'm reading Catch-22 and I like it so far Also The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan but only because I have to.
  4. I <3 watermelon bubble tea. It's just so AZN I went through a green tea phase, now into basic orange pekoe.
  5. Minimum wage in Ontario is 7.45 if you're over 18. They can pay you around 6.50 if you're under.
  6. I didn't see what the big deal was at first, but then I learned to love.
  7. Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space - Spiritualized I <3 this song so much ! It's at the end of Vanilla Sky.
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