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  1. -my decent school marks -my helth and my family's health -stabability in my family -guitar/my voice -football -im sure there's more
  2. sweet thx, are u sure it aint flat tho? since beautiful midnight all his songs have bene in eb except for loser anthems.
  3. i sing and play guitar, i would be willing to one, most likely born to kill acoustic, please contact me [email protected] if you go through with this.
  4. i think ur tatoo should say....target practice is for mexico? or miles away, i dunno, i wouldnt get a lyrical tatoo so i cant help much
  5. really? i definately wouldn't expect it from the way it's lookin, i actually didnt know it was out.
  6. seriously, the same exact thing repeated 15 times and people still watch it. so now they try to put in some different races and label it controversial, that's not controversial, it's all still people, they should seriously stop, i dunno how theyre still makin money.
  7. i love this show, i may have to pick this up, no 2nd season was ever made tho ;)
  8. jim carrey si great, my fav actor, both comedy and drama, this along with the truman show are very good, he has a thriller comin out (number 23)
  9. i love this show, both seasons have been great so far, best sitcom right now, any takers?
  10. i usually watch the whole thing, although family guy's the best.
  11. one of the best sitcoms, too bad its done
  12. ya, my friend showed me this site, very handy
  13. harvey birdman! i put other cause i cant remember some of the other names of the newer ones. EDIT oops, forgot sealab
  14. ive seen most episodes, i missed a bit of the last couple seasons
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