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  1. Max Payne. Worst movie I've seen this year. And the worst part? It had the potential to be so much more. They were gift wrapped a dark noirish script coming straight out of the game, and they completely butchered it. Mark Wahlberg mails in ANOTHER performance. Did the same thing in The Happening. He ALWAYS has the same look on his face. And they set it up for a sequel? I pray that they get someone else to do it...
  2. Really? I thought Nick and Norah was average at best. It had its moments and it was entertaining in parts, but I've been recommending waiting for the DVD to anyone that asks. Also caught Blindness, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People and Eagle Eye last weekend. 4 movies in 2 days. My body STILL hasn't recovered. Theatre seats aren't designed for 7 hours of viewing. Blindness - Great, if you liked Children of Men (the directors last movie) you'll enjoy this. Very bleak, very character driven, and the ending is fantastic. How to Lose Friends and Alienate People - I'm a big fan of Simon Pegg, and I think Megan Fox is the hottest woman to walk the face of the planet, so this was a winner for me. It's actually kind of shallow and a little slow, but it's a lot funnier then I thought it would be. It's a total Pegg vehicle though, I can't imagine anyone else in his role. Eagle Eye - Too long and drawn out. A touch boring. I had it figured about 40 minutes in, and started to lose interest. Hmm, Quarantine and Body of Lies opened this week. Guess I know how I'm spending my Saturday night... Cheers
  3. Anyone else remember when Matt posted on his blog that he was coming back from England because of a family emergency? I have a sneaking suspicion this is what came out of that musically. These all seem so very personal, I almost feel like I shouldn't listen to them, it seems there's so much of Matt's life wrapped into every word. Either way, I can't wait for the next record. D
  4. Can't Get Shot... I remember seeing him play it at Cowboys here in Calgary on the first leg of the POYL tour and i was floored. Went back the second night to hopefully see it again, but had to wait till later that year... Finally got the version that was on NF (thank the gods) and i've been enjoying it ever since...
  5. Oh lordy, for once I am happy I live in this crap hole of a town. I might actually get the 4 day, if Buck 65 and K'Naan are going to be playing, plus Feist, AND Matt?!??!?? Worth every penny. The bonus of course is that my birthday is on the 27th, which is super cool cause i saw him play in edmonton on the 28th last year ;) D ps. Loving the fact I went back to school last year too > : )
  6. So do I, we didn't do it any of the other wars, I consider it a bigger dishonor to the families of those who died and didn't have the flag lowered, if it were to stay the same as the liberals started... D
  7. No filibuster. We do have the notwithstanding clause, or whatever the hell it's called...
  8. Because he has one of the most watched shows on Fox News? Which, last I heard was still kicking the piss out of CNN for top 24 hour news in American Ratings. It would be the same as asking why people still listen to anything Pat Robertson says, it's because he has a monstrous soap box on which to stand and give opinions from. I visited a friend of mine in North Dakota last spring, and they happened to have Fox News, I could sit through it for about 5 minutes before I needed to turn the channel. I felt I was getting dumber by the second. Hanity is the anti-christ. O'Reilly just holds his pitch fork, while Coulter is his arm candy (shudder). That's about the nicest way I can put things... D
  9. Harper can't impose far right social conservatism. There are just some things that people aren't going to want to change, and he had to put a muzzle on most of the extreme social conservatives during the campaign as it was to ensure they didn't screw up the result. I voted 1-2 years, and that's barring him trying to screw around with anything most people consider the norm now, ie. gay marriage. Grudgingly he seems to be doing some things alright, although I would question his pre-election platform stances on transparency in government (not allowing cabinet members to address the media) and ethical governance (the whole 'Emerson' thing). Of the two, the cabinet minister issue is the one that I find distressing. D
  10. The thing that alarms me the most about Afghanistan is how little everyone knows about the country and it's history. We're propping up a man who was exiled long before the Taliban seized power in 96, who is guarded by foreign mercenaries and has 0 control outside of Kabul. What confuses most Canadians, (and I can only imagine how many Afghani's) is Canada's actual role in Afghanistan. On the one hand, we have a Provinicial Reconstruction Team (which I fully support) working in tandem with an offensively minded force a little further south performing confrontational missions (which I don't support). Canada was the nation that brought forth the idea of peacekeeping, and as many failures as the PKO's have had, there are as many successes. This, however, is not a PKO. This is something completely different, and I'm not sure that most people understand a lot about what is going on over seas and the motivations for said actions. I'm not taking myself out of that group, as I understand perhaps just a little more then the average person, though I don't claim to know it all. Harper has also stated that there will be no discussion on this issue at all. What kind of democratically elected leader isn't open to any kind of discussion on topics that actually influence Canadian National Security? And believe me, this will effect national security, as our troops are already being targeted over there, and that can only mean that our civilians will be targeted here as well (though, this will take some time, and as much as I pray that it won't happen, I know history dictates otherwise). As far as the Taliban goes, yes they were a wholly repressive regime, intent on implementing radicalized, fundamentalist Islam on the entire country, hence the name change to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Lets not forget that this group was funded by the CIA during the Soviet-Afghan war, and that the US was in many ways ready to do business with the Taliban, so long as they were permitted to run their pipeline across Afghan territory. There is considerable evidence to suggest that the US was pursuing more and more aggressive diplomatic means to getting bin Laden out of Afghanistan, but it was becoming quite clear that more forceful means needed to be used. To make my position quite clear though, I don't support any military action in Afghanistan. If we have specialized troops on the ground in order to help rebuild cities that have been smashed by 25+ years of fighting, then I'm all for it. However, I cannot support a system that has our troops fulfilling a dual role in a country that is incredibly xenophobic anyway. I have more to post, I just need to think some more, so I'll either start a new post, or just edit this one. D
  11. Hey, if he happens to say anything tonight, let us know, pls! Hope he's feeling better. D
  12. Ok, I can die happy now... I thought it was probably the best show I've ever seen, and it was my eighth. I don't honestly know how he could top that. Indestructible was freaking amazing. I didn't think it would translate so well on acoustic, but the way he did it was incredible. Props to Melissa McClelland, she was pretty amazing in her own right. Managed to share a few words with her after her set, and she is totally cool and down to earth. "It's Bossa Nova" D
  13. For the love of God, I hope he plays Fated tonight, it was the first MG song I EVER learned how to play. Empty road as well. I remember him saying that Avalanche might not work so well acoustically, but I also hope that Life Beyond is played. I've loved THAT song since the first time I heard it. Who's opening? D
  14. The copy that I got has a sig that looks pretty much the same as the one I have on my WLRRR copy that I got at the Mac Hall show in Calgary last year. I'm not disappointed... D
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