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  1. Tit-for-tat politics.. Always good for solving problems ;)
  2. Maybe im a bad person cause it took watching video of whats actually happening down there. But watching some girl bleed to death on the street kinda sickens me.
  3. My dad has a vivid memory of the first moon landings.. I always thought that was cool. Sept 11 was clearly one of the most life changing events in modern history.. I think everyone can remember where they were when that happened.
  4. Ummm yes.. Lets see.. I was working in Keremeous (Interior of BC for those of you that dont live in BC.. or just dont know in general.. its all good) when the crocodile hunter died and everyone made fun of him.. i was kinda annoyed just because i like to think im a good person... I dont remember the cancellation of Friends.. probably because i never really watched that show.. and then it was over.. Call me young.. call me naive.. whatever floats your boat. And the abrupt facebook change was annoying. Its kinda like when someone goes into your house when your sleeping.. an
  5. Fully Completely - The Tragically hip.. I'd upload the art if i wasn't so lazy..
  6. Regardless of whether or not its an album, there should be a collection somewhere. If Crusader posts it, then thats cool, but maybe a bunch of us should get together and just record something and put it together.. even if its only in Youtube format. Just an idea.
  7. lol Not likely.. but if something ever did happen, there would be complete Gurreilla War. Surpassing even Iraq
  8. ok.. i know im just jumping into this, but if someone were to sing this for me (i could send the guitar track and they could add the vocals) i would do Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production. The problem with me singing this is becuase i dont think im strong enough to get the key of my voice just right.. If that makes sence. If no ones interested or its already done.. or even if theres no room left, then just say so. I know i've just jumped into this without much previous information. But it could be fun:)
  9. I always thought that it was inspired by the movie Anchorman. On the post before he started to use the dear San Diego stuff (i dont think its there anymore) he said that he didnt have the time or whatever to rebut for a comment on the post before that one, and ended it with "Go fuck yourself San Deigo!" Thats a direct line from anchorman. So i thought it was just a play on that movie wow i hope that post made sence
  10. isnt pretty much every other rage song a political statement?
  11. no, i dont think they should resign but thats just because i dont want Harper to come into power. But on the brightside i can vote this time around ;)
  12. i do think that if he dosent change his forign policy and attitude, hes going to get assasinated and the United States are going to get attacked again, and again. Its bound to happen.
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