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  1. 1) Sort of A Protest Song 2) Avalanche 3) Weapon 4) Suburbia 5) WWWHR 1) AOPC 2) TRWWBK 3) Near Fantastica 4) Man Of Action 5) PTD
  2. 1. Avalanche 2. Sort Of A Protest Song 3. Man Of Action 4. Near Fantastica 5. The Rat Who Would Be King
  3. 1) Empty's 2) 99% 3) Tripoli 1) Fine Art 2) Born Losers
  4. LOTGA: Radio Bomb Raygun: Generation X-Wing Underdogs: Prime Time Deliverance Lo-Fi: Born To Kill BM: Giant Loser Anthems: The Fine Art of Falling Apart AoB: Sort of a Protest Song Avalanche: Near Fantastica WLRRR: Little Terror Hospital Music: Champions of Nothing Vancouver: Empty's Theme Park
  5. Man Of Action Sort Of A Protest Song (not all that tough for me) Born To Kill Rorschach
  6. Weapon Avalanche The Rat Failing Truffle Pigs
  7. This has officially wrestled it's way into my conscience. I find myself wondering what's going to come out on top each day like its the NFL playoffs or something. Bravo. Suburbia Advertising Near Fantastica We're So Heavy Apparitions Truffle Pigs Volcanoes
  8. 2.5 1) Champions Of Nothing (Massey) 2) Truffle Pigs 3) Symbolistic White Walls 4) Flight Recorder 3.5 1) Giant 2) The Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production 3) The Fall Of Man 4) Apparitions
  9. I've expressed for my love for all things AoB already (yes, including Anti-Pop). So I dig it.
  10. Wow some of these are tough. 1. Empty's 2. The Rat 3. Born To Kill 4. Man of Action 5. Giant 6. Avalanche
  11. MGB - Under The Influence MG - Oh Be Joyful
  12. Weapon Tripoli A Single Explosion 99% Of Us Is Failure Advertising On Police Cars A Boy And His Machine Gun
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