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  1. Reading all the repsonses shocked me, I've never gasped so many times in my life. The thing that has always kept me listening to Matthew Good, is how for the most part each record has it's own sound. So no matter my mood he has something that I can get in to, There's definately songs on each album I skip more than I listen too but over all he's the most consitant artist I've heard. That being said, Alabama Motel Room I almost always skip when going back to Last of the Ghetto Astronauts. It's like nails on a chalk board and banjo.
  2. I feel like I may need to upgrade my sound system when these come out. I want my house to shake when I listen to these albums.
  3. This is in really bad order but here's what he played night 2 of winnipeg. Giant Something Like a Storm Strange Days Born Losers Men at The Door Advertising on Police Cars Load Me Up Alert Status Red Apparitions. He had a lot of great banter, definately a lot more than he's done the last couple time's he's been here. After a couple people requested to play indestructable, he mentioned he hasn't really played it since Geoff passed away. As Geoff was the one to write the signature bass line of the song and it didn't feel right to play it. Super strange not to hear weapon but as I've heard it live a dozen times that was fine. Anyone who hasn't gone yet, this is an Our Lady Peace concert that happens to feature Matthew Good. Wish they would of cut the opening act and gave Matt more time.
  4. The vinyl is still sealed, poster in great condition had an extra copy of each from the VIP package. Looking for $40.00 for them together. Willing to deliver anywhere in Winnipeg no charge. Outsiders pay shipping.
  5. Prime Time Deliverance, at the end when he's singing "And you have and you hold." Gives me chills every time.
  6. I don't know why every time there's a new album some people get dissapointed that it doesn't sound like typical matthew good. Since he went solo there has been very few similarities in sound between his albums. Every album has it's very own vibe to it. That's one of the many reasons I can listen to so much of him. Why would I want to pay more money for the same songs dressed a little differently? Honestly I found these singles very refreshing almost a back to basics of sorts. Simple intruments and a catchy chorus basically the opposite of Lights of Endangered Species.
  7. Anyone else not liking how they're doing the VIP packages this year? My ticket attachment was just a piece of paper saying bring this to the box office the day of the concert with photo ID to receive your tickets. There's no code or special identification of any sorts, not even my name. Might as well have just said bring photo ID no need for this stupid piece of paper. Also you pick up the bonus stuff at the meet and greet instead of it being mailed to you. Meaning you have to wait a couple months for the vinyl. Not a huge deal I just thought the whole thing was done a lot better with the Lights Of Endagered Species VIP packages.
  8. lyrics for darling, please correct any mistakes. Darling what have you done? And where you come from all your folks all silent and numb all your friends all throwing up Darling strangers wiping there tears And you got them wishing you near oh breathless and shot so clear oh darling can you see them from here? Darling can you see a light? Is it burned out shining bright? Oh kingdom just a ruined site? And darling did you get it right? Darling did you get it right?
  9. The thing is he wrote a few catchier songs, that he scrapped so he wouldn't have to comprimise the album. He knew this album would be hard for new people to come to the material and that it may even alienate some fans but he made something that he truly wanted to do.
  10. How the hell is he gonna play this live? This idea excites me, because for Vancouver I had the same thought about empty's theme park, and the result was almost felt like a new song. I'm hoping they come up with some interesting ways to play the songs, rather than just not playing the songs at all.
  11. Set me on Fire Tear you at the seams. Set me on fire cant afford to wake up cant afford not to either this busted town, in this busted room bled out clean dance on the rope some elephants hunt ivory the girls there eyes are piano wire scream set me on fire set me on fire well i rock the boat sing to me we'll close are eyes a spell so dangerously?? inside the hole insider your heart your diamond key unlock the door climb your stairs watch you sleep the criminal can soon retire?? screams set me on fire set me on fire set me on fire set me on fire set me on fire Lights of Endangered Species I once saw a magician cut you in half So bloodless, daunted, I applauded Looking around at all those eyeless faces You crept into me and stood alone Arms stretched out to nothing Like a memory of something gone wrong, Slipped the darkness down to the harbour You let star dress burn in the water Forget your promise Turn out your light Lay down and sleep tonight, Dream of your sons Dreams of your daughters, Come back to you Got my guns in row Got my boys to show Now we're all here we'll stay here all day all long And get beat to shit for you Get beat to shit for you Spinning a right that was never that far off from wrong So in pieces your sons In pieces your daughters Come back to you Good morning beautiful, I've waited all my life To watch you breathing Stand up and decide Set something, anything on fire. It's spilling over on your shoulders the dawn It's spilling over on your shoulders the dawn, It's spilling over on you shoulders the dawn It's spilling over on your shoulders the dawn. for the life of me I have no idea what he is saying in this one, here's my best guess. Extrodinary Fades Lion ?Said to me Extrodinary Fades Not I relunctantly Through all sense away Across a bountless sea Prison shores there Man becomes a machine Looks dead to live again? Carry me through the streets of Something i was will sing your mouth of proof??? Eluoise, walk beside me Will are children stay in these prison shores
  12. In A Place of Lesser Men She goes about her day And keeps her cool until the weekend In the place of lesser men Order in some food, turn on the news Hear some fool say The world is gonna end Best spend the night under your bed When she was a girl she learned the words every boy couldn't say It's not your currency that spends In the place of lesser men She walks from work at night blood on deck? ? But I don't worry No I don' worry, How come I don't worry? She goes about her day and keep her cool until the weekend when she was a girl she learned all the words the boy couldn't say There's nothing worth wild to defend In a place of lesser men I sleep on nails at night but I can hear her thinking Don't you worry, Baby don't you worry Don't you worry.
  13. First cut through some lyrics. How It Goes Of all the faith they say it takes to make it Well I don't know man No matter how high your road You always know your just the store brand Pushing against the waves Kill all your years of the same program Some of the faces change but not the game and not the tune Because you know how it goes Baby these feet were made for walking away so I know to use them Living in ditches is all well and good when you get to choose them I guess i can say its strange but most of the men knows so I ain't fooling So the excuses change but not the game and not the tune Because you know how it goes Darling don't you worry It's not hard to find Going nowhere Going nowhere Down on the corner they still talk about you but say the you don't care Baby you know I bruise but the impolite never got me no where so its to you I move Like stealing night and breathing fresh air Some of my faces change but not my name and not my tune Because you know how it goes Because you know how it goes How It Goes. Alright. Shallows Low Forty days and Forty Nights Learn to swim you'll be alright Pull the pin and see the light We're all shallows low Down the dawn treader All Lies the love letters Know the maiden always? We're all shallows low We're all shallows low What if I can't see the stars Mildred? I start the day Picture a house On fire Inside these guys try to put it out I go down stairs Rub my eyes and stand there Wonder why I can't just kick them out If I'm the crazy one what the fuck's with everyone else gotta gotta gotta wait for it wait for it wait for it wait for it wait for it gotta, gotta, gotta Wait for it Wait for it wait for it Wait for it Gotta gotta gotta. Until You walk out the door Walk out the door Walk out the door Until you walk out the door Baby you got to do what You got to do Baby you got to do what you gotta do (What if I can't see the stars Mildred? ) I end my day Picture a house On fire, on fire, on fire, on fire.... Zero Orchestra In hell we will all burn brightly Beg god to turn are led to gold? Blue collar man tread lightly Blue collar baby gonna dance, gonna do what you're told Behind are house is a mansion Just living in the one till it gets stole When the ripple breaks and these palaces they flood Oh, the live it takes You're the only one I love Oh, give me some ground to shake And a zero orchestra In hell we will all burn brightly Haven't been there, wish i didn't know behind myself there's a mansion ? Just living in this one till it goes cold when the ripple breaks and these palaces they flood all the lives it take you're the only one I love give me some ground to shake and a zero orchestra a zero orchestra (x5) Non-Populous Well it says, let it be unto you They all say, let it be unto you A (mistake of) or (steak to) the heart, let it be unto you? Gonna rip you apart, let it be unto you Oh, let it be unto you What you escape, let it be done to you What you take away, let it be done to you For what you war, let it be done to you What you ignore, let it be done to you Oh, let it be done to you Might have rubbed you the wrong way? but that's all over now You know we could of stayed instead of crawling off into the wilderness (girl singing with) Lightning down from the buildings Done something different Done something different .
  14. you actually forgot born losers it was right before fought to fight it in winnipeg. emptys theme park was amaziing
  15. I haven't watched to catch a predator but I'm pretty sure this is how it starts
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