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  1. Not sure if this is allowed but I'm selling a ticket to the Vancouver show on the 23rd. I'm traveling Vietnam and unable to go Sounds like there have been some awesome sets and thanks for the vids! https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/tix/d/vancouver-matthew-good-march-23/6839476992.html
  2. Encore from the show tonight: Born Losers Decades Apparitions Weapon Real good show, crowd was pretty fired up as you might expect. Matt had to stop at one point during Rorschach Test because of some scuffle on the floor and someone puked during the break before the encore so pretty standard for the Commodore haha. Loved hearing some of the BM tracks live for the first time and all in all a pretty good show.
  3. This guy has a lot of good acoustic vids from the Peter's Players show as well https://www.youtube.com/channel/UComE3E3QN594THDGzOfl2VQ
  4. Matthew Good 28/11/13 - Orpheum Theatre Garden of Knives Last Parade Load Me Up Arrows Of Desire Non Populus Born Losers So Close Everything Is Automatic Shallow's Low Rabbits (Walk Hard?) Had It Coming We're Long Gone Weapon Alert Status Red Via Dolorosa Letters In Wartime --------------------------- Giant Time Bomb Apparitions Champions of Nothing Solid show. Highlights for me were Rabbits, Letters In Wartime, and the entire encore was awesome. Hopefully Matt will do a solo acoustic tour sooner than later.
  5. The original setlist (I got it after the show) was as follows: No Little Terror (I think Matt just jumped into it after screwing up Set Me On Fire) Load Me Up in place of Zero Orchestra and Keep the Customer Satisfied Omissions was final song The impromptu Weapon jam was between How It Goes and Apparitions
  6. Media Club, Vancouver - Feb 9th 2012 Champions Set Me On Fire Little Terror Rabbits Strange Days Prime Time Born Losers - with banjo played by Matt's friend 99% Suburbia Alert Fine Art How It Goes Apparitions Avalanche ----------------- Protest Zero Orchestra Keep the Customer Satisfied Running for Home Omissions (first time since '96 Matt said) So Long Mrs. Smith Life Beyond Minimum Safe Distance What a show! Extremely hard to pick favourites with a set like that! The whole show was a little over 2.5 hours with a TON of banter, which I thought was both entertaining and hilarious. Matt was definitely a little rusty! There were a couple of hiccups throughout the show, I obviously can't complain. He was also drinking rum most of the time, so maybe that had something to do with it. One of the better shows I have seen throughout the years, not only was it a great set but Matt really seemed to be enjoying himself. Hopefully I'll be able to make it down to Seattle tomorrow.
  7. Here's the set from Dec. 3rd at the Vogue While we were hunting rabbits The boy who could explode What if I can't see the stars Mildred? Zero orchestra Born losers It's been awhile since I was your man Shallows low Load me up Hello time bomb Future is x-rated Non populus Apparitions Weapon Lights of endangered species ------------------------------------------- Giant Champions of nothing Hornets How it goes Set me on fire Seemed like a lot less banter at the Vancouver shows than compared to normal, but Matt always puts on a good show. I'm definitely looking forward to the US tour.
  8. I added load me up on my edit post. He didn't play last parade, the person commented that underneath the picture you saw.
  9. Portland setlist: Born losers The boy who could explode Load me up Great whales of the sea On nights like tonight Apparitions Last parade Fought to fight it Weapon ------------------- Giant Empty's theme park
  10. The setlist for the second seattle show: On nights like tonight Avalanche The boy who could explode Hello time bomb Volcanoes Born losers I'm a window Fought to fight it Apparitions True love will find you in the end (solo) ----------------------------------------------- Giant Weapon
  11. The show last night was pretty good, the triple door is a decent venue. The show was about one hour and twenty minutes. Here is the setlist from what I can remember (I may have missed something). I'm going again tonight so I'll make a note of remembering the set. Giant Great whales of the sea Future is x-rated The boy who could explode Silent army in the trees Black helicopter Born losers Apparitions Weapon -------------- Empty's theme park
  12. I saw this movie a few nights ago and thought it was awesome. Pretty intense though, could potentially scar a six year old.
  13. clickarmy


    Last one I had was crazy. Started out arriving in vancouver by boat(don't know where I was coming from) and met a group of close friends downtown. There was some sort of large firework style mob, and the streets were packed. A couple of my friends were wearing pink animal costumes. One of my friends ended up falling onto this guy and puking all over him (he was really drunk). This puke victim ended up getting trampled by the mob and died. For some reason I thought this was our fault so we came back to my house, put his dead body under the couch cushions, sat on the couch and started playing mario party for N64(WTF!). Then the dream turned into this weird mall experience where everyone was in a gang who's colour was yellow. Myself being the only person wearing no yellow, I spent the rest of my night fending off attacks that eventually consumed me.
  14. Simpsons will probably get my vote. Seinfeld and family guy are up there too. I think the chapelle show had definite potential.
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