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  1. I know. Sometimes if you miss one of the first couple of classes the teacher could also drop you. How weak is that? I guess you just have to hope shows are scheduled for later in the semester...... Isn't attendance optional? Side note - I just picked up Refined Pirates on vinyl today, yes!
  2. Seriously, you got to get those priorities straight. Music and Death Note first, then the education. (If only I was as smart as Ryuuzaki... I could come up with an original avatar, ha ha)
  3. Hell yes! I love Minus, and this new song sounds really good. I'm going to see them next month, I hope they play some of the new stuff.
  4. I was also disapointed when I watched the preview for this. I guess his book adaptions are hit or miss.
  5. Bottle Rocket I love these kind of comedies
  6. I don't have any other Bowie Albums, but I do have Seu Jorge's Studio Sessions, including Space Oddity (Major Tom). Life Aquatic Studio Sessions
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