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  1. I know. Sometimes if you miss one of the first couple of classes the teacher could also drop you. How weak is that? I guess you just have to hope shows are scheduled for later in the semester...... Isn't attendance optional? Side note - I just picked up Refined Pirates on vinyl today, yes!
  2. Seriously, you got to get those priorities straight. Music and Death Note first, then the education. (If only I was as smart as Ryuuzaki... I could come up with an original avatar, ha ha)
  3. Hell yes! I love Minus, and this new song sounds really good. I'm going to see them next month, I hope they play some of the new stuff.
  4. I was also disapointed when I watched the preview for this. I guess his book adaptions are hit or miss.
  5. Bottle Rocket I love these kind of comedies
  6. I don't have any other Bowie Albums, but I do have Seu Jorge's Studio Sessions, including Space Oddity (Major Tom). Life Aquatic Studio Sessions
  7. I have finally finished listening to all of the Doseone albums. For Hero: For Fool is still better than A New White but it has some great tracks on it. I also really like cLOUDDEAD, The Velvet Ant inparticular, but my favorite out of all of them is 13 & God. A Great album start to finish. I think what I like best about all of the Doseone stuff is how the songs transform from beginning to end. They're so unpredictable and unique. I thought I might share a few albums. It sounded like no one has heard of Ultimate Fakebook. So here is their third and probably best album, Open Up And Say Awesome. -Pop/Rock- Open Up And Say Awesome This band, Solea, was formed by members of the band Texas is the Reason after they broke up in 1998. This is their Self-Titled album. -Rock- Solea I hope you enjoy!
  8. How do they do it? "I am sad." "Soon, you'll understand."
  9. This movie was really good. Robert Downey Jr. and Woody Harerlson were great! "Total, Total, Totally, Total" -Hyphnip, that is the best avatar ever! Have you watched episode 25 yet?-
  10. Adamobunshin

    Cd Cover

    My favorite is probably Avalanche, but I really like the In A Coma cover as well.
  11. I hate to admit it, but if I watched Turtles 2 right now, I would be laughing through the whole movie. I agree that a lot of the stuff in TMNT wasn't very funny, but I still think that the first two live action movies (mainly Turtles 2) are hilarious.
  12. MuttersomeTaxicab, I love the Brick soundtrack. I didn't download it because I already have it, just wanted to say that that soundtrack and movie are awesome.
  13. Yeah, it's tough when people in the audiance ruin the movie.
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