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  1. the Raygun 45 actually sounds really nice. Does anyone know who actually did the remastering on these?
  2. Compressed is not really the correct word I guess. More like down sampled. Properly pressed and mastered vinyl will always sound better, and have a higher dynamic range than it's cd counterpart if they are coming from the same source. For example, Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Psychadelic Pill CD - http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/view/28774 Vinyl - http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/view/38966 Daft Punk - Random Access Memory CD - http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/view/88615 Vinyl - http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/view/88615 David Bowie - The Next Day CD - http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/view/59832 Vinyl - http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/view/65047 Radiohead - In Rainbows CD - http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/view/140 Vinyl - http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/view/56942
  3. You are not correct about this. CD's are generally compressed where as a well pressed and mastered vinyl is not.
  4. I listened to a bit of the Ghetto Astronauts and Underdog LP's. These really do not sounds that great, in my opinion. Very flat with little dynamics. Really seems like they just took the CD masters and put them on vinyl, which I guess is ok if you are not charging $40 per album. Also, it really is too bad that Omissions of The Omen is not on the Ghetto Astronauts LP.
  5. Oasis is amazing Definitly Maybe is the best debut album from any band, except the Stone Roses.
  6. i feel its one of the most over rated albums of all time. i bought it, and seriously thought the wrong album had been placed in the jewel case at the pressing plant. what a terrible album.
  7. punk's not dead. you can't kill an ideal, douche. yes you can when people start calling lame wads like Rise Against punk. douche. right now I am listening to Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible. do you really want a full list or something?
  8. according to Noel its the best work since Deffinitly Maybe. take that however you want it.
  9. i said he has a bad taste in music. thats my opinion, and ill stand by it. sorry i got everyone all pissy.
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