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  1. yeah, the show was really amazing! lots of great random side conversations by matt too ;)
  2. i'll be there tonight and let you know how it goes ;)
  3. oooh ok! i got an email and it says tickets previously purchased will be honored at the new venue! yay!!
  4. thanks for the updates ;) [p.s. can you change the concert listing of the tractor tavern to be seattle, wa please? thanks] so now i wonder if i need to buy a new ticket for this... :angry: i already bought one but it prominently states the old venue. the tractor tavern doesn't have any listings past feb 2nd yet. if i see anything i will be sure to post again! what a hassle, but i'm glad matt good has found a new venue so quickly! oh, and i'm also asking ticketweb what to do about replacing tickets and such, so i will post any info i get!
  5. yeah, i think the concept of the movie was pretty cool and interesting, but i didn't really get the ending. it was a bit extreme, i suppose. i cried though! haha. but i cry at a lot of stuff ;)
  6. the golden compass i liked it enough, but i never read the book so i don't know how much liberty the movie director/writer took. the story was pretty good if you like reckless children getting into situations they can't handle on their own ;)
  7. Crocodile Cafe so i just found this article about how the venue that matt is scheduled to play in seattle in march just suddenly closed down. i hope he finds a new place to play here cuz i really want to see him!! http://archives.seattletimes.nwsource.com/...=crocodile+cafe -modedit: superthreaded
  8. i also think i hear "traipsed across the continent of squalor" but i can't really tell. just wanted to share... ;)
  9. that was an amazing song. my favorite from the streams so far. it was up for less than 24 hours. it went up around 6 pm ish? then was up the next morning before i left for school and then was taken down by the time i got home again around 2 pm ;) but yes, as for lyrics i am hearing "dance floor nights" as well. and possibly "no cocaine calms"? and that trailer trash pedigree "rats you out". and i would really appreciate it if someone emailed me the song too.... (muffledscreams@gmail.com) thanks!! yay matthew good!
  10. put me down for seattle
  11. haha. i agree! ...the elaine dance! i haven't pictured that for years. a few of my favorites from this year are: park "building a better ____" far-less "everyone is out to get us" lakes "photographs ep" saosin (self-titled)
  12. i really want to see this movie. i think it'll be funny seeing will ferrel not causing the comedy exactly, but more suffering from the comedy. even my english professor said it looked like a good movie (in an intellectual narrator-character way)
  13. i like him too. and i can attempt to put my high school and college japanese classes to use! (but i can't really understand much anyway.)
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