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  1. Friday's episode was good. Re-using old plot devices, but well done nonetheless.
  2. the current bored logo is cool this is the first time I've seen it
  3. Reading this post will completely ruin the book. I would encourage you not to, as it is quite enjoyable. You should have the choice, though, so go ahead if you like. You have been warned. I just finished reading the book, like 5 minutes ago. Anton asked me to post some spoilers here, so here goes... SPOILER (Highlight to View) Everyone is itching to know who dies, so here you go, in the order they occur: Hedwig, Mad-Eye, Dobby, Snape, Fred, Lupin, Tonks, VoldemortIm wracking my brain to see if I can think of any other important ones, but I'm sure thats it. RAB is Regulus Black.
  4. yea that dumbledore has really sucked all the way along. Luna was great, maybe the only part of the movie that actually honoured the book.
  5. I went to see the movie at the tues midnight show, because i was really excited about it. The start of the show was horrible (it would have made absolutely no sense to anyone who hadn't seen previous HP movies) and though it did improve as it progressed, it was so painful to watch, I was still left wishing I had kept my $12 by the end.
  6. reading HP books like everyone else on the planet.
  7. just downloaded/watched van wilder 2. it was complete shit.
  8. The Rocket Summer - The Rocket Summer EP (itunes) Joy Electric - Workmanship (7") MxPx - Secret Weapon (preorder) Jason Reeves - hearts are magnets (itunes) I spend way too much money on music sometimes...
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