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  1. thanks for the love antawn. and xandi, we should talk on yahoo more often so i can plague you with audibles. the "growl" one is so cute. we both love him ;)
  2. i believe i have the dying computer... lol
  3. i agree with the Bendy one (bendy?! lol) whole-heartedly. we ought to get together sometime and rock this joint. heh heh.
  4. so did i! lol you wouldn't expect it eh?
  5. noooooo way buddy. you gotta do karaoke at my soirees. everyone does it. and i mean everyone. danimal and his franky, antawwn and matchbox twenty (i loved that lol), andrew and many other songs! trust me, it'll be a blast.
  6. can i get out, danimal? can i really... mooowahahahahha
  7. ohhhh i'm not falling for that game. hahaha. although it's great. this cute innocent little bunny being poked. faster!!! and then-- you get a nice surprise. ;)
  8. whatever floats your boats guys. :angry: boond, you better attend my bday soiree next year. start practicing more karaoke. ;)
  9. whenever i hear that song or see it like above, i think of Chandler Bing from FRIENDS singing and dancing to it. hehehe.
  10. awwww *pats back* it's okay boond. we're all here for you. you can even hold dan's hand. right dan? right. ;) it's okay. you'll get through it. :angry:
  11. i know it had an end ;). it just seems to go on... forever. hey, like foreverwong. okay ill stop.
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