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  1. Stream from matthewgood.org Download in .flv format from matthewgood.org (31.6 MB)
  2. I grabbed it from Matt's site before he took it down.
  3. I found it hard to believe you were in contact with Matt, but I guess I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
  4. It was on the prospective track list on November 20th, but it's true, a lot could have changed since then.
  5. Yea, it's a great song. I love "I Am Note Safer Than a Bank" too, despite its length. I'm not as fond of "If I Was a Tidal Wave".
  6. Alright, thanks, but what about the earlier (demo) version of "Big City Life" available in the store here? Edit: Was it called "If I Was a Tidal Wave" when Matt posted it, or "I Wish I Was a Tidal Wave"?
  7. I got a piece, a few pieces actually. Including, but not limited to, Avalanche and In a Coma. On a serious note, he probably chose to keep the art.
  8. Which of Matt's newer demos have been recorded semiprofessionally, and not just bootlegged? I know "Big City Life", "Black Helicopter", and "I Am Not Safer Than a Bank" were (as well as the demos with Ryan), but what about "Breath of a Nation", "She's In It for the Money", "When Hollywood Runs Out of Indians", "The Boy Come Home", "If I Was a Tidal Wave" and "Metal Airplanes"? Since I need to accumulate posts to download the demos (and the hub seems to be down) I'd rather download the studio demos first. In retrospect, I'm not even 100% confident "Big City Life" was recorded semiprofession
  9. Just like in the VHS war, Sony has barred the pornography industry from using their player, meaning it could easily go the way of Beta. Too bad they're too PG to allow adult content on their media.
  10. Speaking of pirates, check out the adult film by the same name. It's supreme.
  11. I joined to discuss topics by making posts.
  12. My most recent purchase was "Mad World" by Gary Jules with Michael Andrews. Grabbed it from the iTunes Store once it showed up in Canada.
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