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  1. I can't play now. I got grounded for yelling "FUCK" when I heard that Detroit is going to the NBA conference finals...poor, poor Cleveland.
  2. That album was infinitely better than the self-titled album...but Black Market Music is my hands-down favorite...really cool music videos for the singles too.
  3. Most of the cast of the first X-movie was signed to a 3-picture deal. This is probably the last of this cast of characters... While they're working on Magneto and Wolverine spin-offs, I think they're now planning to keep the X-Men movies coming as well (so long as X3 meets financial expectations). I think as long as they keep up the impressive casting, they really only need Patrick Stewart to return as Professor X. The rest of the team members can just be filled in depending on the story they want to tell. There are 40 years of characters to pick from!
  4. I really hope they tour the US for this album...I think it'll sound great live.
  5. They day this album came out I bought 4 albums... Pearl Jam, Tool, Gomez and Glen Phillips...at least the first 3 were only $10 a pop. Seeing them in Boston this week...at least once, maybe twice.
  6. They are fun...whether they have any longevity is a different matter altogether, but I always have a couple Maximo Park songs on my mp3 player for the gym.
  7. As the person responsible for getting the July/Klondike Days DVD out there I can agree with you about the quality not being that great. It was sourced from a VHS camera. But for being the first complete MG show available you can take what you get. Although there are three DV cam sourced concerts available/coming up. October 30/05 has been released (but not yet torrented), October 31/05 is nearing the final stages of editing and March 23/06 will be worked on soon after that. Great footage mixed with edited audio, they are really quite the production. So there are some treats coming your way soon. This news just made my day! Thanks!
  8. definitely. it's always on my mp3 player, and I have to adjust the volume because of the hiss.
  9. I chose to follow "Invasion" instead of this one...like everyone else, I gave up after a few months when nothing happened. Now it's dead. I'm wondering if they had enough notice so that they could wrap up all hanging storylines...
  10. I actually have yet to watch SVU. Might catch up this summer...
  11. If the title is all that's wrong with this movie, I'll be happy as hell!
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