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  1. I'm pretty sure this is how many albums (especially older ones) are delivered to iTunes. I think they're ripped from CDs and sent in a lossless format to Apple, who then creates the AAC's.


    It'd be nice if they could always go back to the files that used to manufacture the original CDs, but I can't imagine that those files would still exist - if they ever did - for albums that were released more than 15 years ago.


    In particular, I think Cobraside is just taking the albums they're sent via CD and ripping them. Compare the versions of Vancouver between iTunes Canada and iTunes US. The iTunes Canada version is from Universal - the artwork is clean, and the song files sound perfect. The version that's on iTunes US is from Cobraside - the artwork looks a little fuzzy (the color's off) and some of the song files have skips in them.


    I'm not sure how Matt's deal with Cobraside is set up (I'm assuming Universal isn't involved), but it'd be great if the albums could be delivered to Apple using the lossless files that Universal sent rather than having Cobraside create them themselves. Anytime you burn/press to audio CD and re-rip, you're likely to introduce errors.


    hmmm, to me that's just lazy. i don't see how hard it is to just spit a wav file of the final mix out, send it to apple, and have them convert it.


    okay, so older albums might not have that option available. but when you post something to be downloaded by millions of people, shouldn't you do some quality control and test it first?


    maybe Apple is trying to cut costs and literally has one guy in a dark basement somewhere ripping CD after CD, and he no longer cares. but they're making enough money on the operation as a whole, why risk pissing people off? until iTunes has a monopoly on the market, people like myself might stick with buying a CD- especially if stuff like this continues.


    otherwise, think i like this better than Hospital Music. some of the songs are too long and a few of the drum rhythms are repetitive, but there's a nice mix of songs.

  2. bought it off itunes, heard the skipping. so i wanted to see if it was simply itunes or the file.




    as you can see in figure A above, there are big ol' lines snapping up through the spectrogram. cd skips!


    makes me wonder how music is delivered to itunes. if someone just presses it to a CD and there's a guy sitting in the corner of some gigantic building ripping CD after CD, pleading with Death to come.

  3. my boss lives about 200 feet away from the crash site. his family didn't sleep a wink that night, but thankfully they're alright. and the wife of one of my old professors was on the plane. i feel really bad for him, because he's such a pleasant guy who now has to deal with something so horrible.


    but if there's one thing the people of Buffalo can do and do well, it's gather around and support those who are affected by this. it's something you take one day at a time.

  4. Have an awesome time Jane!!! Ask him what the motivation was behind Comfortable Criminals.

    seconded and seconded.


    i actually like that song better than A Long Way Down, 'cos of the lyrics and the way it's presented. always wondered why it was changed, though maybe he thought some people might interpret it as an attack on old acquaintances?

  5. i once read one of his manifestoes (it was this one) for a voice-over assignment for this sound design class i was taking. the professor "got" the statement i was trying to make, but kept using the words "heavy handed." like "it seemed a bit heavy handed." well shit, isn't life heavy handed?


    anyway, good luck on your assignment!

  6. i think pat's drumming certainly has a lot more flair live. i remember hearing avalanche and WLRRR, then seeing Matt and them live- and just being blown away by how awesome a drummer he is. i think the thing to keep in mind is that we're talking about two different environments, and perhaps two different types of atmospheres Matt wants to create.


    as far as comparing the two, it's hard for me. because there are aspects of both that appeal to me. there's something magical about the jams at the end of Giant when it's live. but then you look at a song like Advertising On Police Cars; which i think comes across better on the album.


    song structure-wise, i feel the same way. i think live versions tend to go closer to the tried-and-true rock formula, relying on the musicianship of the players. and studio versions let Matt create atmospheres and feelings that might not be easy to convey live. just my two cents.

  7. saw city & colour (in buffalo) tonight. the opener (william eliot whitmore) was absolutely fantastic. spoke to my soul, and i don't use that term lightly.


    then mr. dallas green came on and was amazing. i expected a really acoustic show, but he did a lot of the songs with a full band and electric guitars, in an old school country-rock-ish style. reminded me of the old MG lineup featuring matt, christian, rich, and pat... but with less flashy guitar/drums. one of my top 3 shows. evar.

  8. i agree with charles, Dell's been pretty good to me over the years. my parents' dell desktop has been running (pretty much) trouble free all 5 years we've had it so far. still runs older games and web browsing stuff surprisingly well, despite my younger siblings and their "let's install lots of stupid crap" mentality.


    i also had a dell laptop that i used in college for schoolwork, web browsing and "data relocation." needed a bit more keeping after, but it was great for the 3 years i used it. then i lent it to a younger sibling and the hard drive mysteriously crashed. verdict's out if it was hardware or tomfoolery. (i've since bought a macbook pro that i also use for video editing work, and it's pretty sweet.)


    and i'm typing this on my giant dell desktop, which is amazing and happens to be fueled by the souls of the damned. no problems yet (knock on wood).


    i also agree with shiri. laptops are a nice convenience, but desktops (from what i've seen) are more stable. they're also cheaper and easier to repair or upgrade. does the niftiness of a little laptop outweigh the stability of a desktop for your parents?


    in the $400-500 price point, you have to be careful. my boss bought a cheapo dell laptop, but it had a flashy memory-hog version of Vista on it. not to mention it's not maintained well, since he's a mac guy. so it takes 2 minutes to load the simplest of powerpoint files. i often wonder if XP would do better on it. i'm guessing probably.


    good hunting!

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