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  1. I read the title as "Courtney Cox Saturday Night Live Nipple Slip" and was all "the fuck's this doing in the Matt Good Section?" and was all gung-ho about reading it and then, finding no female nipples within, felt a sadness sweep through me.


    as did i. though initially i thought it said "Courtney Love Nipple Slip."


    which scared me to no end.

  2. he cared so much about the leafs that he wouldn't waive his trade clause. and now he cares so much about the canucks he's going to graciously allow them to pay him (prorated from the rumored $10mil, no doubt) $5mil to play half a year.


    watching him play against my sabres all these years, i got the impression he was a toolbox. maybe he can prove me wrong for half a year on a team i actually like. maybe not.

  3. yeah, i think there's something more. i was raised Catholic, my mother's side of the family being into it (but not overzealous) and my father's side not really giving a hoot.


    i think that God does exist, but it's not necessarily a guy or a girl or a being. i think it's probably an energy, something that has an ultimate control but is still innately linked to all of us. i'm not entirely sure of this, and i'm not out to set it as fact, it's just my best guess.


    deist, atheist, whatever someone wants to think; it's all good. and as far as organized religion goes, there's a lot of bullshit in there. but there's also a lot of good being done. it just sucks how people aren't willing to stop and listen to others, but are quick to shout over the top of them. your faith (in whatever) should be measured by the good that you do, not by your exaggerations and performances yearning for attention.


    (and it's kind of funny how Nine Inch Nails' "Heresy" came on shuffle while i was typing this.)

  4. The Boy Come Home - as much as I love this song and would hate to have it overplayed on the radio..

    i concur.


    though i think it would rock like hell if i turned on my radio and heard "i am not safer than a bank."


    my "real" second choice would be I'm A Window.

  5. Especially Vista



    and the lines are blurred more, especially with darwin.


    now if only there was a cheap windows emu that let me run foobar on OSX....


    sure, i'm running XMMS thanks to the X11 environment, but i'm too lazy to really configure it.

  6. fyi... just called infinity in buffalo asking if they have a show scheduled (or will) for matt... he said they just confirmed it yesterday... it's oct 5th... tix in a few weeks.



    note to self: avoid ANY extra work shit Oct. 5th.

  7. the album has its moments. i've listened to the whole thing through about 4 times, and bits of it more than that. it really does grow on you.


    "True Love..." is a good end note for the album. it really isn't that flashy of a song on it's own, and it's not something i would play out of context- but it does seem to tie everything together on a complex end note, the kind of ambiguity you'd expect from Matt.

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