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  1. hey, so long as he avoids the showplace theatre, he can do whatever in Buffalo. i liked Infinity, if he books there again i'm cool with it. that way he can make fun of Salvatore's like he always does.


    ah yes... the "infidelity target." or perhaps you prefer the "lunchtime hotel."

  2. i've had this vision in my head for a couple of years now of the live cd/dvd/whatever that should have been. the cover would be a picture of the 'Howdy!' sign from the avalanche tour. it would have the re-vamped versions of x-rated, hello time bomb, load me up, etc. one of the nice long jams on big city life, the keyboard-centric 'pledge,' and end with the german live versions of suburbia and born to kill (cleaned up, of course).


    there would also be a second disc from the last acoustic tour. but only 30 minutes of actual songs, so that there was plenty of room for all that random discussion of beer brands and paris hilton biographies.


    alas, it wasn't meant to be.

    damn, that's quite the list.


    *sigh* too bad..... ;)

  3. i like Bowie's Stage. great example of a live album that's clean, but not too clean. most live albums nowadays are indeed overproduced. last one i bothered with was Skin and Bones... which wasn't bad mixwise.


    i agree with ToadMan about the acoustic stuff, though i wouldn't mind a live band album- maybe one for the road so he can actually tell everyone he's ditching that format "forever?"


    i wouldn't be against a live acoustic album or a live DVD. production costs have come down nowadays. a simple one-location live DVD (multi-camera) would probably be comparable in cost to a medium-sized play or recital recording. you could put out something adequate for less than $5k(US). the big snags would be organizational- dealing with the venue and the sound and whatnot.

  4. "deception?" yup. there it is.


    it's kinda neat finding stupid things in songs when you've got too much time on your hands...


    the other day i played Led Zeppelin IV backwards and filtered out everything except the high midrange frequencies. there, in the distance, i could hear Jimmy Page reading a recipe for guacamole.


    it was the worst guacamole ever. ;)

  5. Yeah, so I've been pretty scarce lately, but I figured I'd share this with everyone. It's at least something weird you probably didn't notice in an MGB song you've probably heard a hundred times.


    Anyway, I was listening to "Look Happy, It's The End of the World" at a very very high volume with my super fancy Sony studio headphones. At the end when the song fades and you hear the bass pulse, I noticed two things. One, the pulse is longer if you listen on good speakers (frequency response, blah blah blah). Two, there's a guy saying something in there.


    Check it. Cue the song to where there's about 13 seconds left and turn the volume way up. Who is that? What's he saying?


    Well, I put the song into Audacity and ran it through compression, EQ, and normalization. Here's the result. You can hear someone saying "...can't hear nothing." I'm not sure if that's Matt or who it is. But it's kinda neat. And yeah, I was bored.


    (and if you can't play the file because it's an OGG vorbis file, get VideoLan or better yet Foobar.)

  6. dude, my (leaked mp3) album changes color too. or maybe that was the brownies.


    regardless, it's not a bad album at all. i didn't like the leaked songs, but when you play the album start to finish it seems there's a certain continuity about it that brings everything together. it helped me "get" the album when i ditched most notions i had of what Nine Inch Nails had been. so... Year Zero = not amazing, but fairly good.

  7. isn't there a song that was on the hits that wasn't on dvd version/rooms version?

    maybe i am crazy. i am at school in halifax and my in a coma is at home. i thought i missed out on something.

    like people have been saying, Pony Boy was on In A Coma.


    i suppose if you want to get technical, there is also the "leaked" version of Pony Boy from way back when. it's the same song, but basically unmastered and mixed a bit different.


    the IAC version is compressed to be "louder," (what seems to be) Matt's guitar and Rich's bass are amped up a bit more, Dave's guitar has a bit more overdrive-ish "fuzz," and Holly McNarland's backing vocal is practically non-existent. basically, modern "rock" mastering.

  8. Agreed. I think it also blanks out "A Boy and His _____ __"

    silly geese! it's not because they think you'll get naughty ideas, it's because the label wanted you to play a game of mad libs with the tracklisting!


    "born to (verb)"


    oh oh oh! i know! born to... breakdance!


    yessss! american record labels rock!

  9. LOL@Smallville


    I remember watching that episode and was all "what are they gunna do when the song picks up... oh, I shoulda figured they'd just loop the intro again"

    yeah, i was like "hereitcomes hereitcomes hereitcomes...."


    then the song loops back- "SHIT! Tom Welling, go choke a bitch so i can hear the guitars erupt!"

  10. In that event, I'd rather see franchises just move than disappear completely.  There are plenty of loyal hockey markets that don't have an NHL franchise now (like Hartford.)

    true, that would be a better idea. Hartford has been hurting for a team other than their AHL Wolfpack. there was some recent talk about a franchise somehow popping up around St. Catharines Ontario- there's another candidate city for a team that doesn't feel financially welcome somewhere.


    of course, any town looking to woo a team in would need a fancy new arena.

  11. i'm a senior going for a B.A. in Media Study. basically it's film/video, or at least that's what i'm most focused on. i want to eventually go into TV, perhaps writing, producing, or directing. heck, news would be fine with me too.


    i used to be comp sci. i couldn't handle all the coding and null pointer exceptions i was responsible for bringing into this world. but i also blame the department for not putting a "kill java" button on the keyboards.

  12. i think for now the league is fine as it is. expanding (again) within the next few years wouldn't be the best idea, though. i think 30 teams is enough.


    and in a few years if some teams are flailing, i would not be opposed to a contraction- but keep the league at least 20 teams large.

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