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  1. Opening Credits:

    The Miniatures- Space and Time


    Waking Up:

    New Order- Sooner Than You Think


    First Day At School:

    David Bowie- Boys Keep Swinging


    Falling In Love:

    House of Pain- Jump Around (L...O...L...)


    Fight Song:

    REM- It's The End Of The World


    Breaking Up:

    Alien Ant Farm- Movies



    U2- Beautiful Day


    Life's OK:

    Monster Magnet- Space Lord


    Mental Breakdown:

    Joy Division- Heart and Soul



    Oasis- Acquiesce



    System of a Down- Toxicity


    Getting Back Together:

    The Arcade Fire- Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)



    The Rolling Stones- Ruby Tuesday


    Birth of Child:

    Van Halen- Jump


    Final Battle:

    Radiohead- Banana Co.


    Death Scene:

    MGB- The Future Is X-Rated


    Funeral Song:

    Hawksley Workman- Little Tragedies


    HAR HAR!

  2. i'd probably stock it with random chitchat about nothing. and perhaps some attempts at writing. in fact, that's basically what the site in my profile is ('cept it's a collaborative effort with some friends, and we're all lazy)...


    so my ideal site would be like that, except perhaps a bit neater with more frequent updates.

  3. i think Metal Airplanes and She's In It For The Money are solid. say what you want about cliche lyrics, but the songs themselves seem to flow well and they're just plain catchy. works for me. that said, i hope Matt succeeds in making this record kind of "weird," like he's mentioned before.

  4. if you go external, make sure you get firewire transfer - it's way faster than usb and it'll help greatly when transferring large amounts at a time.

    true, if the firewire is 1394b (most commonly called firewire 800, though not all 1394b transfers at around 800Mbit/s- some are faster).


    otherwise, USB Hi-Speed (aka USB 2.0) is faster.




    however, these are all theoretical speeds anyway. actual transfer rates are also dependent on CPU, RAM, and drive speed.

  5. just saw it today... the atmosphere had echoes of Brazil, but of course a bit more serious with the violence.


    i really liked the realism involved with the camera work and how the picture moves to follow certain bits of action. i remember one shot where some blood got dripped onto the lens, and there were little specks of blood in your view while you followed Clive Owen. nice detail there.


    it was definitely kinda scary and quite realistic. i plan on seeing it again eventually.

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