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  1. yeah, the main riff from "Fiercely Co-Dependant" (from I/O) was snagged by MTV for their nefarious purposes. didn't hear any of Ryan's vox, unfortunately.
  2. cweb

    Top Five...

    Top Five Band Names I'd Like To See: 5. The Pastry Fascists 4. Neon Bowel Movement 3. Attack of the Pants 2. Richard Nixon's Chicken Guts 1. The Paint-Swilling Leprechauns
  3. quite possibly the most disturbing mathematical expressions... EVAR.
  4. cweb

    New Banner!

    i approve of this change of pace. it is lol-rific.
  5. "tomorrow we start again tomorrow came and went" "it's okay, to be their disappointment baby"
  6. it's a video, eh? d'oh... that makes things more complicated.... yeah, you need someone with a VCR, a good video capture card, and Final Cut/Premiere (for the best transfer quality)... i've got a slightly different USB capture card that captures from a VCR or whatnot... problem is that I haven't figured out how to get it to not look like crap, heh... i'll fool around with it and see if i can get it looking purty. keep ya posted.
  7. the Matador. yet again. Brosnan + Kinnear = gold.
  8. i get em when listening to In A Coma's "Prime Time Deliverance" when he hits those high notes at "maybe just to look into your.... heeeeaaadliiights, moooornin gloo-ow, heeeaaadliiights..." also on AOB's "Sort of A Protest Song" when he's singing "no pain, no gain" at the very end... wow.
  9. you'd probably be better off recording to your pc's "line in" if it has one. you would probably find it in the back of the computer near the mic input and the speaker output. they're more likely to give you nice stereo sound than a mic input, though the recording level might need to be turned up. if it's a regular cassette tape, i'd assume you'd need: a tape player with a "headphone" (3.5mm) output a pc with a (3.5mm) line-in/mic input a cord (probably 1-3 feet long for comfort) with two male 3.5mm ends recording software, like Audacity then it should be a matter of opening the program, selecting the proper input (mic or line in), adjusting the recording level, clicking "record" on the software, pushing "play" on the tape player, and letting it roll.. then export the sound as a .wav and digitally sweeten/recompress it. if only i had a good cassette player...
  10. Explosions in the Sky; the album entitled Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever.
  11. i agree that John Doe got cut short. they could've had at least one or two more interesting seasons. i've been watching the reruns on Sci-Fi, and i now remember how cool that show was. and another Fox slip-up... canceling Andy Richter Controls the Universe. every episode was great, and the one where Conan guest stars reached new heights of television awesomeness.
  12. simpsons, seinfeld, south park, monty python's flying circus, house
  13. april 07... another album already? it's only been two years.. usually we have to wait four or five. then again, it seems like Trent has his demons more under control as of late- which is what prolonged the release of earlier records. i was initially pretty "meh" about With_Teeth, but after awhile it grew on me. i can't wait to hear the new stuff.
  14. Has Been is cheesily good. a Pulp cover (Common People)? a freakin' Pulp cover? and then "I Can't Get Behind That" featuring Henry Rollins? priceless. "I'd rather be a 'has been' than a 'never was'!"
  15. especially when you're blasting "Ride of the Valkyries." duh duh duh daa daa duh duh duh daa daa...
  16. they're pretty damn good. i like Old World Underground the most out of all their albums i've heard, though i need to get a few more listens of Grow Up and Blow Away. i've also heard some of Emily Haines' solo work (Knives Don't Have Your Back). a bit slow at times, but overall pretty good. i'd be her groupie any day.
  17. you probably don't have the codec installed, i'm guessing. here it is. after installing that, it should show up on the list. though you could use any MPEG-4 type... but DivX is the only other one i can think of. as for the ongoing .thm problems... you could always make a copy of the file and rename the copy with a .avi extension-- see if that does anything. make sure you do this with a copy though, because it could corrupt the file. you might be able to fool windows into treating it the right way. or just cull the hard drive for .avi files and see if the video you're looking for happens to be somewhere else. don't forget to "show hidden files."
  18. hm... from what i've read, .thm is just a video thumbnail thing- like a link with a picture and perhaps some metadata. usually these files are accompanied by .avi files with the same name. this is because the most common usage of .thm files is on video cameras where an .avi file is saved and a .thm file is generated to link to it. anyway... in VirtualDub: go to video...compression scroll down the left menu and select XviD MPEG-4 for default settings, just click "OK" (to tweak/optimize the bitrate, do the following instead: click configure by "target bitrate" click calc by "target size" enter your desired target size under the "video" division, enter the length of the video click OK.) you probably want to change the size for YouTube (320x240). to do this, go into filters. click add scroll down the list and select resize...OK enter the "new width" and "new height" (320, 240, respectively) click OK...OK then file... save as AVI ...wait for the finished product. also, if you're ever unsure about a file's codecs, i recommend GSpot.
  19. for YouTube (regular accounts) your video must be: less than 100MB less than 10 min. .AVI/.MPG/.MOV they recommend MPEG-4 AVI (XVid/DivX) at a 320x240 resolution. as Sparq said, VirtualDub will do the trick. you can get the latest stable Windows version here. i have had problems with .MPG files (MPEG-2) and VirtualDub. with those I use Adobe Premiere, which usually works. there's also AutoGordianKnot, which should handle the files, but I haven't really bothered to use it. also, for conversions you may need the XVid codec installed.
  20. ;) holy jeebus, that was freakin' cool.
  21. likewise. sheesh, that was quick.
  22. apparently LG is in the process of producing a combo player that does blu-ray and hd-dvd. of course, no word on if it does anything else besides that. nothing on price, either.
  23. "you've got everything now and what a terrible mess i've made of my life what a mess i've made of my life oh, i've never had a job because i never wanted one i've seen you smile but i've never really heard you laugh" -The Smiths "You've Got Everything Now"
  24. that is a fantastic movie. probably the funniest docu-drama i've ever seen. i also like how they handled Ian Curtis, though i can't wait for another Ian Curtis-related movie (Control) to come out- supposedly in February of this year.
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