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  1. i remember a while ago he was answering fan questions in a podcast; and i asked him if he would ever consider starting his own indie label (and who would he bring along)... his answer was something like "i'd much rather be imprisoned in a third world country. i think the experience would be very similar." then again, things change. as for the new album title, i'm quite partial to "Rocksicle." the cover could be a guitar-shaped ice cream popsicle melting. or perhaps go for a pun and have a rock and a sickle with someone licking it or something. honestly, i don't care what it's called. it could be called "Donald Rumsfeld's Back Hair" and i'd still buy it. ;)
  2. Brazil- a classic. gets better every time you see it. i still need to watch the 90-some-minute "Love Conquers All" version. if you've seen Brazil (as well you should have): SPOILER (Highlight to View) supposedly it's just the movie with lots of the darker stuff cut out. in other words, they remove the whole big ending sequence and probably one of the best movie endings EVER. it's the whole thing with a happy spin on the end. tonight: probably "Solyaris," the old 1972 version of "Solaris." supposedly it's slower than the remake. i've got the time.
  3. Jackass: the Movie 2.... not for the faint of heart, but some real gems in that film. SPOILER (Highlight to View) at least they didn't do any more paper cuts... *whew*
  4. in no particular order: Mobile- Tomorrow Starts Today k-Os- Atlantis Deftones- Saturday Night Wrist Tokyo Police Club- A Lesson in Crime EP BT- This Binary Universe
  5. HD-DVD for now, though if Sony can get in gear with blu-ray, who knows. i wouldn't expect "regular" DVDs to go anywhere anytime soon, though. there just isn't enough of a market for high-definition yet (HD sets are estimated to be in maybe 30% of US homes) to warrant going crazy on either of the new formats. actually, i think the next wave's gonna be wax cylinders. ;)
  6. for 2007: -get into better shape -procrastinate less -get a sweet(er) job -become a better cook -find an adequate pastry supply line
  7. this year's haul- steel-toed boots (for ass-kicking) shirts (to wear while ass-kicking) a blow dryer (so my hair's nice while ass-kicking) a tea kettle (to wind down from ass-kicking) a toaster oven (to make bagel bites after ass-kicking) all in all, it kicked a fair amount of ass. let's say 8.5/10
  8. Down here under the lighthouse Upstairs, I see for miles Keep my name under the white out Just let me miss you all the while Now, I sit here with your letter It
  9. Gene Simmons once said (something like) "play your bass as if it were a weapon." thoughts?
  10. ouch. i wonder if you can take a band to court for ruining what was a good song..... btw, it was the whole band Queen featuring Bowie. and you were thinking of Freddie Mercury. ;) though ian anderson is pretty hardcore.
  11. Matt Good Chris Cornell (Soundgarden and earlier) Hawksley Workman i like Ian Thornley's voice, too. kinda reminds me of old Cornell. i also gotta put in an honorable mention for David Bowie. how the hell that man kept his voice so good for so long is amazing.
  12. hear hear. his last two shows here were only 6 months apart. hopefully we get another concert date come the next tour.
  13. definitely subtle. it seems that Lord-Alge's mixes are a bit "wider" than the originals. HTB also features Matt (asking Dave, probably) "were you smoking lots of grass when you did that?" during the pedal-distortion "solo." Strange Days has that vocal echo and it seems like there's a bit more crispness or something coming from the acoustic in the background. i'm not too fond of the remix either. Everything is Automatic has some noticeably different guitar sounds, which you can pick out during the chorus. it basically sounds like they were placed higher in the mix. the drums sound a little "rounder" too, like they're given an echo. and of course Matt's vocal is overdubbed here and there differently and with more echo. basically, more guitar and echo. all in all, i think the remixes are basically "wider" sounding versions of the songs with louder guitar sounds. probably an attempt to make the singles (and prospective singles) sound more "mainstream." i'm quite satisfied with the old mixes and i don't think remixing these songs was necessary. then again, what the label wants the label gets.
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