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  1. the way they released it, for sure, and the content as well. musically they're not doing anything groundbreaking, but if you don't take the Eraser into consideration, the shift in mood from HTTT to In Rainbows is quite drastic, in my humble opinion. Radiohead has never sounded this warm, relaxed, dreamy, delicate and, ermm...sexy. who would have expected Yorke to write something like "I don't wanna be your friend, I just wanna be your lover" and croon like a 60s pop star let's say, 5-10 years ago. ;) well, i know i certainly didn't. :angry:
  2. well, HTTT is probably my favourite album of all time, along with The Audio of Being, so... ;) it pains me to see it so low on many people's lists. Amnesiac is criminally underrated too. but I'm loving In Rainbows, it's different, and something totally unexpected or Radiohead. the hood internet dudes made a nice mashup of Reckoner with Eve: http://www.zshare.net/audio/4288978644ef40/
  3. White Chalk is a grower, really. i didn't like it at first, but now i can't get enough of it.
  4. yeah, like Panic! At The Disco ;) what a fitting name for a shitty band
  5. almost anything by Matthew Good [band] and Radiohead gets me emotional. :angry: ;)
  6. hah! you've gotta be kidding, Anton. totally different songs. ;) i have to say i'm completely in love with this album...especially Faust Arp, Jigsaw Falling into Place, Reckoner. Videotape is a great song, but i thought the live version was better, i don't know why they decided to truncate it for the album. :angry:
  7. I came across a demo version of Gunnin' a while ago. It's acoustic, and the lyrics are different. I actually thought it was pretty good, compared to the version they've been playing on the radio. here's the link, in case you are interested. http://www.mediafire.com/?0nfzmqwdftn
  8. yeah, come to think of it, it was. i haven't sought therapy yet. perhaps i should. ;) but c'mon, seriously, you've never been moved to tears by a piece of music? nothing ever struck a chord?..
  9. I picked up Underdogs after hearing Indestructible on the radio. I thought it was a great album, but it didn't make me want to run back to the store and buy everything MG has put out. Then, one day I downloaded the Bright End Of Nowhere from the internet. I cried. Then I ordered every other MG LP from amazon. ;) Interestingly enough, The Bright End Of Nowhere isn't even the best track on Avalanche.
  10. that's shitty. i hope he feels better soon. and 10 hookers?! what kind of fucktard makes up rumors like that anyways?
  11. one of the worst movies i've ever seen.
  12. Donnie Darko and it was, umm..different.
  13. i don't care either way though the video for Doesn't Remind Me was quite remarkable
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