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  1. You're welcome. What is Selling You My Heart? I assumed it was a cover until now but didn't find another artist doing a song with that exact title on Google.
  2. Listened to a minute of it and I like the sound.
  3. I like that Matt noticed and commented he didn't remember that section last time. It is a pretty big section. I would like to try and sit in the first few rows if I go again. How early did you line up?
  4. I think he screwed up on one of the early notes in Tripoli, he seems to have a look of disappointment after, which was kind of cool to see. I think with some songs and parts he's changing it because he maybe prefers it but some I can't tell if it's because it's out of his range. I have to say for some songs or parts I couldn't help but kind of wish he had his younger range, but in some ways I appreciate or even prefer his voice now. He's still a great singer regardless.
  5. Sorry if this is too much video to post at once. Please delete if so. These are the videos I took of Matthew Good. Some of these videos almost sound better to me than actually being there somehow. Like his voice is louder/clearer. From where I was it was decently loud for the most part but I thought it could be louder.
  6. Ok thanks. I think this phone recording actually might be worth sharing, especially if no one else recorded the London show. On my computer with just headphones it sounds decently loud and it's not even at max.
  7. Really? That's too bad. It's kind of funny. When I first read this topic I had Mark Hoppus from Blink 182 in mind and I was like 'huh?, he was a big influence on Matt?' but then I realized you were talking about Mark from Talk Talk.
  8. I love how Big Wreck came back with a bang. They're more productive now than they ever were before the break up and they just released the first single I believe from their next album and it's a sweet return to the more rocking Big Wreck. I appreciate the different turn they took with Grace Street but I wasn't able to really get into that album as a whole. It definitely has great moments and a few solid songs but I thought some parts dragged on and didn't go anywhere interesting. Here it is:
  9. Well the London show was pretty sweet. The set list was excellent. Matt sounded really good. The new mezzanine section is really nice. It's at the back but with the venue not being that big it wasn't too terribly far from the stage and they have a big screen to see up close. He played all the songs I was hoping for based on the other shows except Change of Season. I love that he played Blue Skies Over Badlands and I think if I had to pick it would be my highlight of the night. Matt seemed to sing a bit louder and seemed really into it and the guitar playing/tone was awesome. It had the best sound of all the songs. It's surprising that no one has won the Load Me Up game yet. Do you guys know what I'm talking about? Where were you sitting Hoogie? I recorded many songs on my camera and I think they look really good for being from a distance. My 30x zoom on my little camera came in real handy. Maybe I'll try and figure out how to post them. I recorded the whole show in audio on my phone just in case it would be decent and it's not super good but I think it's worth having. My main problem with it is that it's super quiet. I have to use my headphone amp for it to be enjoyable or listen to it almost at max in my car but then it sounds not too bad at all. What program do you guys use to split tracks?
  10. That is an amazing set list! That makes me super excited for my show on Tuesday in London. I quite hope he plays Prime Time Deliverance, Change of Season, Tripoli, Fearless, Blue Skies Over Badlands, Los Alamos among others.
  11. This was a song I didn't think too much of when I first heard it but more and more I liked the style and uniqueness of it. Anyway, the reason I made this thread is because this song has really got me curious lyrically for some reason, it seems like a different topic/style than usual from MG. So I'm wondering, does anyone have ideas on what the heck it's about?
  12. Yeah, it would be nice to not be so crowded. And having a reserved seat is kind of nice too. Who's all going to the London show?
  13. Thanks for asking about it. That is very interesting. That was one of the things that made the decision on whether or not to purchase a ticket harder was thinking I might have to stand because they had very limited seating there last time and I would like to sit this time (especially for an acoustic show). It's very iffy on whether you'll be able to get a seat before they're taken. Guaranteed seat in a new mezzanine sounds cool. I hope it will be worth an increased price. The whole place being seated should be very different for that venue.
  14. Does anyone know why around the time tickets went on sale (regular sale, not presale) the London show was around $46 and now it's $73? Also for the BM tour and when I first checked this it just showed a single GA seat option and now there's different seat options when it's mostly a standing venue?
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