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  1. I think Hollis just may be Matt's best Hollis yet.
  2. So Matt and Haley did this Tribus music together? I really like the sounds they've got going on these. I think Hollis is fantastic. I wonder how much there is. Too bad we probably won't get to hear the rest.
  3. Does anyone know what he died from?
  4. Totally agreed. This is pretty awesome! I love the unexpected variety, even some electronic stuff which is very unusual for Matt. The sounds with those clips are a pretty nice effect. I like all of them but Victory Is Free is the most fun.
  5. Well that's too bad. I think it was someone else who did vocals on Vancouver National Anthem. It sounds like they were gonna add more dates later so maybe they'll play in Calgary yet.
  6. Went to the London show. First time seeing them. They were great! It was really cool how small it was, maybe 30-40 people at the most. Got to meet Ryan and talk to him a little bit, plus got a picture with him. He seemed very down to earth and appreciative. Perty cool.
  7. I think even though Chaotic Neutral is very varied (which is something I really like about it), it does somehow flow decently, it works. I'm surprised to see anyone that doesn't think Arrows has a good flow. I think it has a fantastic order. I quite appreciate the consistentcy of Moving Walls. The only thing is, with an album this long it can get a bit much.
  8. This album definitely needs a little time and more than one listen to sink in. It requires a bit of patience because it is long and there is a whole lot of melancholy, but it's very much the kind of music Matt does best. I like the mature sound of it. At first I thought it was a bit too same-y, but different things are quickly being revealed with each listen. This album has a couple distinctions. There is not a single rock/ing song on here, a first for Matt and I quite like it. He didn't feel obligated to throw some in. It seems he did what he wanted. It also seems to contain much less hooks than most of his albums and the choruses are largely quite understated to me. My favourite songs right now are A Momentary Truth (this one has some great melody and sounds quite different for Matt to me), Beauty, Boobytrapped, Selling You My Heart and Thorn Bird. I also like Dreading It, Radicals, Lumière Noire (wasn't a big fan of the idea of him doing a French song but the song sounds really nice with some interesting guitar and Matt does a pretty solid job with the French.), and One Of Them Years quite a bit. My least favourite is between Your Rainy Sound, Fingernails, Sicily and The Heights. A Thousand Tons is growing on me slowly and Parts is quite decent. The production of this album is very good and the orchestral parts are a very nice addition.
  9. I really like this album teaser. It has quite a different sound for MG to me but sounds real nice. https://twitter.com/i/status/1228840189914763266
  10. Haha, those songs are great. Very cool that Limblifter's playing at The Rec Room in London. Their whole Bellaclava album and then some. $18 then yet, can't go wrong with that.
  11. Looks like this will be Matt's longest record in a long time if the length shown on Amazon.com is accurate. It shows 64 some odd minutes. It's been a while since we got one of those.
  12. Such a real feeling song and video. I really like how natural and emotional the video feels. Matt's voice and singing sounds really good here, really clean and some nice higher range. And the strings sound grand. Much more up my alley than Sicily or quite a bit of the last album.
  13. Can anyone tell me what he's saying in this Instagram post. It seems to me he might be saying he considers Beautiful Midnight to be his best work which I would find interesting and quite surprising. I've thought he has been hard on a lot of his records and Lights of Endangered Species was the one he was most proud of. https://www.instagram.com/p/B6_VuVOAH8i/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  14. Not really feeling this song. I liked what I was hearing of Selling You My Heart, Radicals and One of Them Years.
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