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  1. Maybe mediafire will work Hopeless: http://www.mediafire.com/?4wmlucmr41j re: Larry just below--sure!
  2. I'm on the run, but maybe one of the guys who got it already can upload it somewhere else for me? If not, I'll do it tonight!
  3. Thanks! I'm very far from Toronto, but I can collaborate on stuff online, especially if you've got some means of MIDI capture?
  4. Thanks for the input! This was also my first bass guitar performance, haha.
  5. My time is very limited of late so I had to rush this and it's thusly kinda raw, but I wanted to be involved! Here's my submission: Hopeless Criticism is appreciated!
  6. Classic post, thx 4 da bump.
  7. Hahaha, I got stressed out just reading the previous post. If July is too soon, how long do you think you'd need, Dan?
  8. Then I recommend that people post their stuff when it's done! I hate suspense, haha.
  9. I like movies that prominently feature little girls' [edit: bare] feet. ;) :angry: :angry: :angry: (8) SUPER-EDIT: OBVIOUSLY KIDDING ZOMG INTERNET POLICE
  10. I agree that his unreleased demos should be off limits. I don't think the June 15th deadline is too restrictive--even if you're doing lots of layers, you have something like 40 days to do it if you start now (but I understand where you're coming from because no one wants to be creative on a deadline.) By "quality detail" he meant who will cut tracks that aren't up to par. It would probably be easiest for everyone to just post their tracks in this thread for opinions before it's set in stone.
  11. I think I just wanted people to talk shit on heyrabbit, I feel pretty much satisfied now. Carry on my wayward son.
  12. Right. You're dealing with Universal, the biggest record label in the world. It's best for all parties just to do this for free.
  13. May the record show that it was, in fact, MY description of her. Also: heyrabbit is the ultimate threadshitter, and decomposinglight, for someone with a supposed I.Q. over 9000, takes the bait every. god. damn. time. Also#2: Anton said I could not post a giant photo of shit here, so just imagine it.
  14. And the Gears of War Award for worst dialogue/voice acting of 2008 goes to...
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