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  1. Not sure if this has been answered, but does anyone know about an iTunes release for the US? I'm not seeing it for purchase in the store this morning.... any help would be appreciated!
  2. All his full lengths (plus In A Coma, Live at MH). I loved finding a copy of Loser Anthems in a record store in Buffalo the week it came out. I sometimes wonder how many on this site have a copy; I'd imagine a bunch. My favorites are probably the signed copies of both AoD and CN. My favorite overall has to be when I met him in Buffalo in 2006 at his acoustic show. I had no idea I'd actually meet him and came with nothing, sadly... so I had him sign the back of my paycheck stub from work that week. I still have that pay stub and need to frame it.
  3. A long time favorite of mine, Matthew Mayfield, put out a new record this week called Recoil. It's a light/dark alt-rock record with some pretty intense songwriting... I think some of you might dig it. This album definitely gives me goosebumps. Here's the album trailer for it:
  4. I just noticed this too... so I went scrolling through his Twitter. Matthew Good ‏@mattgood Sep 22 Recording the vocals for Born To Kill after 17 years was weird. In a good way Matthew Good ‏@mattgood Sep 16 It's been a vastly greater pleasure reimagining 17 year old songs than I thought it was going to be. Matthew Good ‏@mattgood Sep 13 Got the 17+ remake of Born To Kill in one pass. guys are on fire This should be interesting...
  5. Definitely love this app... came home from work tonight surprised by it. I love what he did with Harridan and TBTT, if I had to pick a few favs. I always say I'll hold off and not listen to anything until it comes out, but that never seems to work for me. It's always awesome to hear the progression of the demos to the final cuts, though. I think it's great to be able to hear the whole process, but I know everyone has different views on that, which is great. In any event, the man continues to make truly incredible, beautiful records.
  6. I've been lucky enough to have heard most of these demos right before I went to work each time, and Moment ranks up there for me. Just an amazing job on that one. Tiger By The Tail is right behind it. Also, it'd be awesome to see you bring Hornets back and do a studio version of it. In any event, great job on these demos thus far.
  7. What was the story with Bad Pennies? I remember him mentioning something along the lines of him just throwing the song together and not really giving it much thought after... I'd love to hear him re-do it though, but he doesn't seem to be much of a fan of it. Also, I remember him mentioning a while ago about possibly re-doing If I Was A Tidal Wave. Has he mentioned anything else about this?
  8. Not sure if anyone can clear this up.... but any help would be appreciated: I'm sort of late to the game in regards to subscribing to M+. I guess the one thing I'm wonder is if, say.... I sign up today.... would all the demos and such still be up, or does he take songs/entries down? As a side to this, I listened to all the Vancouver demos prior to that record coming out. That album is one of my favorites of all time by anyone, and I'm trying my hardest to stay away from demos this time around. In any event, if anyone could help with my Q's, it'd be great.
  9. Man, I only caught maybe half of those demos.... but it's great to see him getting some ideas going.
  10. I've been back and forth about this, but I think I may wind up getting it, especially if he gives the in-depth clips and video regarding the writing of the next album, which would be worth it for me.
  11. What's funny is... I remember him talking about Universal not wanting to release HM and Vancouver so close to each other.... hence the 2 years and change time..... then I thought they probably considered Live At Massey Hall in there as well, which was what... November 2008? I'm not sure if the label counted the live album as a release, though. In any event, they seemed to let him put out Avalanche (March 03) and WLRRR (June 04) close enough, plus In A Coma not even 14-15 months after that, so you never know. I hope I got those dates right. As a side, it's amazing how much stuff he's put out in a time frame that most could never do.
  12. yeah, I think it was just some fast demo in the early going.
  13. Ive always wanted the Avalanche one... but this would be great as well. Hell, they all would.
  14. Yeah, I was wondering what happened with that post. He's truly one of a kind though.... with the demo postings and the full album previews.
  15. Vancouver is definitely my favorite album of the year, and is just a step behind Avalanche, in my opinion. Longer tracks, strings... amazing. I remember there being a small glitch/skip in the iTunes release.... anyone else notice that? It happened near the beginning of ETP.
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