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  1. I guess it's not a good idea to post on message boards while intoxicated. Either way, NIN > diet coke > you.
  2. regarding nine inch nails: this music isnt for everyone.. you have to have that acquired NIN taste, to love all of the past records to really dig this new album. i'll admit i was expecting a bit of a more epic album, considering all the hype and the massive viral marketing campaign that was done for this album. but you know.. i can listen to this record and feel great so that's all one can ask for. not only that, but all of the hardcore NIN fans out there can boast that they were involved with a great experience that challenged them.. that brought them a lot closer as a community and were just part of something really special. this album really grows on you after a few listens. its a good time to be a NIN fan.
  3. ive heard it all, GREAT album! vessel is one crazy ass fucking track, this is the kind of album where you truly will go deaf if you listen to it too loudly. zero sum capital g in this twilight good soldier another version of the truth meet your master amazing amazing songs
  4. i have firefox but not the ad-block add on.. thanks man, this is great!
  5. this was a great movie! the part in that dude's basement was freaky
  6. i wish my page looked like what you posted there man. what i saw has all these ads squished all over the place with a tiny ass "download link" in there. the page in the image you posted there is so clean
  7. aw man, now i see it! that text was so freaken small and buried between all those ads! i think im losing it..
  8. haha i feel like an idiot. i see no link!
  9. hey guys, how do you get that sendspace thing to work? (link posted on page 3)
  10. Dimitri


    going tomorrow, this movie is going to rock!
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