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  1. I just watched a the of Best of Saturday Night live and noticed something interesting while watching the Adam Sandler disc. About half way through the disc there is a little sketch with Courtney Cox and Adam Sandler, where Sandler plays Bruce Springsteen and starts singing 'Dancing in the Dark'. Courtney keeps trying to start the show but he ignores her and keeps on singing. At the end of the sketch she finally gets her chance and says "We have a great show tonight with the Matthew Good Ba -Dave Matthews Band". She distinctly made a mistake and corrected herself on it. Did she actually say Mat
  2. Simply put- it was amazing! It was singlehandedly the best show I've been to. Ever. Highlights were: Champions of Nothing - Amazing intro, made my skin crawl. I can't say I've ever held onto a shit eating grin for 7-8 minutes Single Explosion - I never really was too attached to this song to begin with, and always thought it was pretty decent but nothing special. But watching Matt eye's closed grasping at the crowd while he sang the closing line, was probably one of the most moving moments I've experienced. Everything is automatic. I could go on for pages on why it was quite possibl
  3. Thats funny, when listening to it, it always sounded like tacobell shoe, and I always thought that couldn't possibly be it. Glad to see I'm not too crazy, and others heard this as well.
  4. Any one have any idea what Matt is saying in the background just around 2 minutes in?
  5. I just noticed that my post on 'she's in it for the money' is actually 'I'm a window'. I don't know how I managed to screw the names up.
  6. I'm trying to figure out fine art of falling apart-live/acoustic rather than CD version. Anyone have an idea about this? I believe they both played very differently, but then again my ear is very poorly trained, so I might be wrong.
  7. If anyone ever meets pintosack, please by him around. These are incredible. Thanks man.
  8. Good show, but no Massey Hall. I think the crowd was one of the main reasons I felt that way. The apparitions guy should have shut up. Although once he did play it, and he yelled 'play apparitions', I did laugh. RECORDING? Man that would be sick pintosack!
  9. Sweet. I'm going to the hammer show also. Hopefully he out does the toronto show. Actually, I'm not sure if I want him to.
  10. That would be sick. Anyone have that?
  11. I got it working now. Its spectacular. Thanks alot
  12. I'm re-downloading. Probably just screwed up somewhere. How do the rants/banter sound?
  13. Winamp works, but the songs all seem messed up? Only bits and pieces. Could my file be corrupted?
  14. What version of Flac are you using? I'm using 113b and for some odd reason it keeps giving me error messages. I can't find a newer version on the web. This happening to anyone else? Also was 99% of us already converted to mp3 for other people? And was there GIANT holes in it? (I'm thinking I might need to download it again if no one else has these errors)
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