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  1. ME TOO! If I had jumped just a little higher, I would have had one... Scored a setlist from the soundboard in the back. Strange though, the songs on the setlist were in a different order than what they were played in... Overall a good show, aside from it taking FOREVER as usual to get started (I always notice this at the Commodore...) It was my fifth MG show. I'm sure it's not my last ;)
  2. During Anti-Pop, my "boyfriend always hears "You're not Matt Good" instead of "You're not my girl" - I really don't know how he hears that one. Also, originally I heard "You could sell the sad the world tonight" in Flash Dance II when the real lyric is "You could sail beside the world tonight".
  3. mercy

    Finally A Cure!

    The method I was told when I was a kid which never failed to work for me was to put a pencil between your teeth, and drink water still while holding the pencil in your teeth. Now it makes me think if there is actually any scientific truth to these "cures" or if it's really just all in our heads. Because how ridiculous is drinking water with a pencil between your teeth, and how could it possibly cure the hiccups? It's just weird...
  4. I have to say I am looking forward to this movie. I have a feeling the action is going to be really good in this one. Goblet of Fire was the last HP book that I *really* enjoyed - Order of the Phoenix just seemed very drawn out to me, and I started Half-Blood Prince, but haven't picked it up again since, it just wasn't holding my attention. I'll have to give it another shot I guess...
  5. YES, that's the one, I remember now. Wow, your memory is better than mine ;)
  6. Why would it be fake? The seller's location is Vancouver, and he seems to sell other somewhat rare music as well. I'd say it's entirely feasible that it's real. I've heard of people just finding his demo tapes kicking around in used music stores, although, I've had no luck ;)
  7. Yeah, I did a little double-take when I heard that on the commentary too. I remember meeting you breifly at some signing in Vancouver a number of years ago (it might have been the midnight Audio of Being signing at A&B Sound? I can't remember now...). I was there with some other people I knew from the MG fan circle, and one of them was selling you some merchandise of some sort. While we were waiting in line, we put up a sign that said "Andrew from Phoenix" so you'd know where we were. Haha, oh the silly memories...
  8. Yeah, I found the commentary to be very good. Learned a lot of interesting tid-bits you would never know otherwise. Anyone else recognize the blonde woman in the Strange Days video as the girl that is in the Nabob coffee commercial? You know the one where coffee gets spilled on the wedding gown. It's such a relief, because every time I saw that commercial it would drive me nuts trying to figure out why I recognized that actress...
  9. Personally I thought the video was a little odd, but I guess that was how it was supposed to be. The part I really did like was how the rabbits were done throughout the whole thing. Personally it was nothing like how I would expect it to be done, which made it interesting.
  10. Being a good little Matt Good fan, I went out today and purchased In A Coma. Walking home as I normally do (I work and live in downtown Vancouver) I pass the neighbourhood where I know Matt himself resides, and what do I see in various places? Matt Good lyrics in chalk on concrete walls and on the sidewalk. "Space is colder than the air in the mountains where I come from", "Damn, I'll bring them to their knees" and "Oh be joyful" in three separate areas. Not that this little bit of news is going to thrill anyone to death, but I had to post it - it could have been one of you leaving MG messages around downtown Vancouver - show yourselves!
  11. The Fox is now playing Oh Be Joyful ;)
  12. Nope, still together. It was the four of 'em at the signing. It was very shortly afterwards, I do believe, that the band officially broke up. I have pictures to prove it ;)
  13. I've got the white limited edition autographed by all the band members. There was a midnight CD release at A&B Sound that I went to that the band was signing at.
  14. 1st ed. - 9 2nd ed. - 13 3rd ed. 15 4th ed. 13 ;)
  15. The movie trailers hooked me for this one. The trailers made it look as though every moment was a thriller and full of suspense. I did not find this in the movie at all. It seemed as though there were moments of suspense with long unexciting parts in between. I was disappointed, as it wasn't what I expected.
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