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  1. wha? https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/jian-ghomeshi-sexual-assault-trial-ruling-1.3505446
  2. I’m taking the same approach to this as any artist who isn’t pure as the winter snow, I‘ll keep enjoying the art for arts sake, including live performances. for those who can’t and want to get rid of your rare underdogs-avalanche era merch, hit me up before you burn it
  3. Great show at a really small venue! I forgot how good Matt can work a crowd as a solo act. Unfortunately I don’t have the cash to swing a vip package or go to the second show in Calgary (night watch kijiji for a ticket day of), but I was glad I made it out to this show. I left a copy of slint’s spiderland on vinyl with matt’s Guitar tech, and managed to get a pick for my cousin who is a huge Matt Good fan as well. for those with tickets to upcoming dates, you won’t be disappointed.
  4. I would love to see the cover of ahead by a century that Matt did for a calgary private show.
  5. finboy

    AC Tour Info

    Glad to have you back Matt, looking forward to the tour!
  6. Anyone else think young Matt Good looks a lot like tai Lopez?
  7. Bought for airdrie, I hope more shows come up!
  8. FYI, Alan cross posted this, I asked why no Matt good and the creator of the doc (it seems) does want to talk with him. I guess it's a waiting game?
  9. Note warne livsey's latest Instagram post, seems like he is back at it with Matt, interested to see what news comes up
  10. Matt played this at a private event in Calgary, it was nice to hear someone we are all such big fans of tip their hat to another Canadian artist. It got me wondering if Matt would ever play the song again live. Is it something you would want to hear on tour? Any other canadiana songs you think his voice would work well on?
  11. I usually hit up Maui, but on Oahu definitely check out nobu (sushi) if you have the budget, and if you ever want to try skydiving, Hawaii is the place to do it. I don't like heights, but it is a view beyond any (including helicopter rides), zero obstruction 360 degree view over the ocean, and in whale season you can see them from above I love Maui because it is such a relaxed environment, tons of snorkelling, swimming, hiking, etc. It's a great balance between the fast pace of Oahu and the natural beauty of the big island
  12. Where in Hawaii are you going? I've been several times and have some great recommendations on places to check out if you're interested
  13. From what I can id Boss tuner, vintage Mxr dynacomp, boss blues driver, mystery purple pedal, digits I whammy. Purple pedal kind of looks like a maxon delay, but has 2 switches and the wrong knobs, maybe a clone of some kind. Based on the lack of other delay pedals on the board, I would guess it is a delay of some kind. Surprisingly he is playing a les Paul studio in picture 3, rental maybe?
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