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  1. thanks this is a wicked video!!
  2. re:ducks and hockey on bills fucking rights we have ducks and people playing hockey on our bills that is all
  3. i really like rusted wheel and lazy eye but the rest of the album im kinda meh about
  4. kathleen edwards and im sure you've already heard her but melissa mcclelland (i probably spelt that wrong) and serena ryder
  5. today i bought: ryan adams - heartbreaker and kathleen edwards - back to me so good so so good yesterday i got ryan adams and the cardinals - jacksonville city nights i have a cd purchasing problem
  6. great cover and definately caused me to look up ritter and i think matt turning me on to that is ok im not gonna pretend i was ultra cool before
  7. yah i still have never ventured to use either but i find it completely ridiculous you have to defend giving a free song that many people want whateves though i guess computer types get like that sometimes and we have to forgive them ...love...
  8. your a piece of shit in the garbage actually you're proabably lovely i just wanted to insult you back dumbly and i really have nothing to say on the subject since i dont really do computers well. but he posted a free song so shut the hell up
  9. totally carmelina for my pump up or anti pop something about the do do do dos
  10. wow thats a really really great song thanks so much it honestly chokes me up a bit.
  11. that website is frightening he looks like he is plotting my demise in that picture
  12. i have the shirt in a red girl size
  13. they have been very sold out for a very long time and in response to check this out wow 115, i think 100 would be my limit
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