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  1. Loved the original and also enjoyed the remake. I thought it was well done, stayed true the original with a few small changes here and there.
  2. The book is entertaining. It's what I'd call a page- turner, exciting but no real quality or substance. The movie however was just tedious. Very poorly executed. Maybe I'm hard to please.
  3. If it were possible I would make sweet, passionate love to 24. It's a great show. Can't wait for the new season to start.
  4. Matt had "had enough" in what sense? I thought the crowd was excellent. Very good show. My flight into Winnipeg was delayed and I ended up going straight from the airport to the show with my sister. It was good times. We'll be there tonight too. I must say I was overjoyed when he played Tripoli acoustically. Wasn't expecting that.
  5. Kowalski is the reason I stopped watching the show. It almost felt like they were just trying to replace vecchio(which you can't), changing a few details here and there, instead of bringing a completely different and fresh character to the mix. I also felt that frasier and kowalski lacked the chemistry that he and Vecchio had. I got bored really fast.
  6. Definitely. I saw Disco Pigs a few months ago and was blown away. I'd also like to throw Philip Seymour Hoffman into the mix.
  7. Disco Pigs Philadelphia The United States of Leland Life is Beautiful or La Vita e Bella One Flew Over the cuckoo's Nest The Shawshank Redemption (but someone already mentioned that) Forrest Gump Schindler's List Citizen Kane Brazil I left out a few more of my personal favourites just because they're not necessarily "great" movies. I just love them anyway.
  8. Personally I think the show became rather shitty after Marciano left. I still need to buy those first few seasons actually. Great show.
  9. Tim


    Ha ha ha, I'll go along with that.
  10. Tim


    the URL to cowboy's? specific info about the show. direct link to the website.
  11. Tim


    Edit: Just discovered this on Cowboy's website. Power 97 and Cowboys are proud to present Matthew Good in concert Tuesday Oct 25th at Cowboys. Advance Tickets are only $30.00 and available Sept 16th at 12:00pm at front desk of the Canad inns - Windsor Park or call 694-SHOW to order by phone. Listen to Power 97 today and tomorrow morning to beat the box office and win tickets! For the 694-show part, you still have to pick them up but I think being able to phone ahead is a lot easier. You can pick them up the night of show as well if you want. So, yeah! just thought I'd pass that along.
  12. Tim


    I'll have to arrange for my sister to pick up tickets. I hope it doesn't sell out too soon.
  13. Tim


    Anyone know when tickets go on sale?
  14. Tim


    This is hilarious. Last October (when he played the Burton Cummings Theatre) I was in Winnipeg visiting my sister. I managed to catch the show. This year as luck would have it, I will be in Winnipeg again. Is Cowboy's a nice venue?
  15. Tim


    I knew it. Here comes Hollywood to cash in on the rape, torture and murder of three innocent girls. I won't be seeing this one. My sympathy goes out to the French and Mahaffey families. Talk about rubbing salt in their wounds.
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